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Provide high-quality branded content ready for publishing on your website.


Get published on authoritative sites with lots of readers to increase your reach.


Establish your influence by letting me write content for you under your name.

What You Need to Know This Freelance Writer for Hire

Christopher Jan Benitez
A.K.A. “The Big Cheese”
  • 10+ years of writing experience (and there’s still more left in my tank!)
  • Worked with premium brands (with good results too!)
  • Takes the pain away for all your writing needs (develop, brainstorm, publish, and share your content – I can do all!)
  • I’m a standup guy (like, share, or retweet if you agree!)

As a freelance writer for hire, I will strive to provide you with content that will convert your audience into readers and subscribers, if not customers!

To achieve this, I ensure that the content I submit to you possesses the following qualities:

  • Well-written – Clarity is the bedrock where all great content rests. I will ensure that my content will help communicate the core values of your brand to your audience effectively.
  • SEO-friendly – Before writing the post, I research for the best possible keyword to optimize your content. Doing so gives the article a better chance of ranking on Google, thus increasing your traffic!
  • Customer-centric – Freelance writers are a dime a dozen. But what separates great ones from the rest is their ability to deliver what the clients want. In my years as a digital marketing writer, I understand the importance of making customers happy. Therefore, I uphold the duty of providing you with the content you want and need. And I won’t rest until I achieve those for you!

What My Clients Think About My Freelance Writing Services

I have been working with Christopher for a very long time and he has always been quick & professional. If you are looking for a quality writer, Chris is your guy.

Devesh Sharma, WPKube

Christopher is a great communicator and always delivers work on time, and to a high standard.

Adam Connell, Blogging Wizard

Chris is knowledgeable in blogging, marketing, and SEO and backs it up with solid writing skills and interesting content ideas. It’s a pleasure to work with him and see the type of content he can regularly produce on a wide variety of topics. His rates are competitive and he always over delivers.

Stuart Walker, NicheHacks

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