The Only Content Delivery Networks for WordPress that Matter

The 5 Best Content Delivery Networks for WordPress - Christopher Jan Benitez

The most common mistake that site owners make when building a WordPress site is purchasing a cheap hosting service.

By buying the most low-cost hosting, you compromise your website’s performance when viewed by your visitors.

It’s all about site speed when it comes to websites. Any additional second spent on loading your website has an effect on your conversion rate, according to this infographic at  KISSmetrics.

With a poor web hosting service, your site will take longer to load. Worse, it will crash if your content receives thousands of visitors. This will leave you with disappointed visitors and a damaged online reputation.

The solution to this problem, aside from buying a managed WordPress hosting, is to use the best content delivery networks for WordPress (CDN).

In a nutshell…

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CDNs place your website files at their servers found in different locations. When a user visits your site, the CDN will load the files from the nearest server where the user is located.

This way, your site is sure to load faster and safeguard your site from downtime due to server overload.

If your site needs to load faster, here are the best content delivery networks for WordPress to choose from.

The 5 Best Content Delivery Networks for WordPress


One of the most popular CDNs in the market, MaxCDN has been providing its excellent service to The Next Web, The Washington Times, and Adobe, among other publisher clients.

The Instant Purge feature lets you remove stale content from the servers so that users are viewing the latest version of your website. You can also edit the canonical headers of the content in the servers so they link back to the source, which is good for SEO.

Lastly, you have better opportunities to make money with your images and create more compelling stories with your visual content by linking each back to a customizable page on your servers instead of the file.

What others say about MaxCDN: “There are others who offer something similar to MaxCDN and what they have may better suit your needs, but start here and see if the shoes fits.” – Ariel Rule, WPKube


This site offers a wide range of website performance services, one of them being the global CDN and optimizer feature.

Aside from static content caching, Incapsula enables dynamic caching that gathers data from website profiles. This way, its servers will automatically generate resources that make way for optimized caching.

Other features include minification (eliminates unnecessary characters from code), image compression, and website security options.

What others say about Incapsula:  “Overall [Incapsula] worked well without any glitches or breaking down the theme or stylesheet of my blog. I suggest the use of Incapsula’s CDN on your blog/site to decrease your site load time and increase your [conversion] rates.” – Rachit Singh, Hacknovations

W3 Total Cache

This free WordPress plugin is a website performance optimization (WPO) framework that integrates transparent CDN features in its service. When configured properly, W3 Total Cache compresses your markup languages and minify your code to save up to 80% of your bandwidth. The plugin helps your site load faster by caching the user’s browsers after viewing your site and quick rendering of pages.

What others say about W3 Total Cache: “For me, as well as for most folks, I think [W3 Total Cache] was well worth the money!” – Brad Griffin


This tool lets you load your site faster and scale your website performance using insights from visitors. The data will help EdgeCast provide better acceleration solutions for users from different locations.

The tool specializes in providing uninterrupted video streaming and high performance for ecommerce websites. EdgeCast is made to maintain website speed despite traffic spikes and provide a seamless transaction with customers while ensuring their safety online.

Other features of the tool include Edge Optimizer (keeps application’s data off your network), Piranha Purge (caching efficiency and flexibility), and premium security, among others.

What others say about EdgeCast: “There are lots of providers out there that promise quality features, increased server speeds, and lower latency, but no other company on the market manages to offer all three with half as much reliability as EdgeCast.” – DN, CDN Reviews


The “next-generation” CDN takes advantages of the most recent hardware, technology, and network routing changes. This provides users with a faster loading website that never goes down (with the Always Online™ feature) despite unexpected traffic spikes.

The tool automatically optimizes your website content to reduce requests and bandwidth use. It also bundles multiple JavaScripts into a single request to prevent overloading the network with different requests. These features can be enabled (and disabled) with a click of a button.

CloudFlare protects your website from all types of threats to keep your data and your visitors’ safe and secure. It detects new attacks against your website and automatically blocks them in the future.

What others say about CloudFlare: “CloudFlare is a fantastic option for bloggers on a budget. From what I’ve researched on the web CloudFlare is considered “CDN-lite” by some folks. All I know is that it works!” – Jason Mathes,

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