MASSIVE LIST: 1,343 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

MASSIVE LIST: 1,343 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your site visitors and influence. To get readers to actual visit your site from your guest posts, you need to provide value to the blog post you will write for them. By writing actionable content that showcase your knowledge in your niche, you will compel readers to visit your site or blog and learn more about you.

While I have detailed the process of looking for blogs to guest post on, some may not have the time to do the legwork and find the blog where they should write for. Lucky for you, I have compiled over 1,343 blogs that accept guest posts.

By providing you with blogs where you can publish your think piece, you can drive more traffic to your site, if not subscribers and customers!

MASSIVE LIST 1,343 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

A word about guest blogging

Guest blogging has received a bad rap over the years due to how marketers use this tactic as a way to build links. While link building serves as a benefit for writing informative and authoritative content on different blogs, it should never be your sole purpose for writing guest posts.It’s been years since Matt Cutts announced the

It’s been years since Matt Cutts announced the death of guest blogging as a link building scheme and it still applies today. Most blogs have become stricter in publishing guest posts on their blog because it only serves the purpose of linking back to their money sites. Therefore, you should write guest blogs for the following reasons:

  • Increase your online reach – Leverage on blogs related to your niche with lots of readers so you can be read and found by your target audience.
  • Build actual connections – Befriend bloggers and site owners publishing content about your passions by providing value to their readers. You can then leverage your relationship to achieve or fulfill something greater later on.
  • Impose your knowledge – So you claim that you are an expert in your niche? Prove it to your target audience by writing guest posts that effectively share your knowledge to swoon them.

I have provided the more information on why you should do guest blogging in this post.

Niches included in the list

Screenshot of blogs that accept guest posts
Screenshot of the list of blogs that accept guest posts.

I tried to categorize the blogs that accept guest posts based on their niches. Below are the niches that my list covers and the number of sites you will find under each:

  • Business – 100 blogs
  • Marketing – 80 blogs
  • Design – 96 blogs
  • Entertainment – 97 blogs
  • Health – 95 blogs
  • Technology – 85 blogs
  • Travel – 91 blogs
  • Fitness – 74 blogs
  • Finance – 85 blogs
  • Career – 51 blogs
  • Education – 72 blogs
  • Home Improvement  – 92 blogs
  • Pets – 92 blogs
  • Photography – 73 blogs
  • Real Estate – 75 blogs
  • Wedding – 85 blogs

Metrics included in the list

When choosing the site where you should guest post, you need to determine the most relevant metrics that help you figure out the authority and value of the domain. You want to make sure to send it to a blog with not only hundreds and thousands of readers but also beloved by search engines.

To help you determine those factors to consider when selecting blogs that accept guest posts, please reader in an article I wrote on this blog years ago. The information there still stands today, so it’s best to analyze the blogs based on the aforementioned metrics.

To make it easier for you, I have included most of the relevant data featured in the post I wrote in addition to equally pertinent metrics.

  • Alexa Global Rank – Global website ranking according to
  • Moz Domain Authority – A score, that indicates how well a website will rank on search engines according to
  • SEMrush Organic Search Traffic – Organic search traffic of the domain according to
  • SEMrush Organic Keywords – Number of organic search keywords that the domain is ranking for on Google’s top 100 search results according to
  • SEMrush Rank – Domain position in domains ranking based on their free search value traffic according to
  • SEMrush Branded Search Traffic – Traffic driven to the website with branded keywords according to
  • SEMrush Organic Keywords Difference – Difference between current organic number of keywords and the number specified in the period for ‘Historical Data’ settings in SEMrush tab.

Alexa and Moz will give you a general overview of the domain, but the data provided by will help you see how each site performs on search results. Having more factors to consider allows you to choose the best possible blog to write for.

For example, if are two sites that the same DA and Alexa ranking but have different SEMrush organic search data, then you’d want to write for the site that fares better on The same concept applies when there are sites you want to write for that have equal SEMrush data but have different DA and Alexa ranking.

Last tip before you choose blogs that accept guest posts

The list I’ve compiled does not include Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, and the like. The list is for bloggers and business owners who want to start guest posting for low- to mid-tier blogs. Normally, you’d target blogs with high domain authority and search engine metrics from

However, you need to understand where you should position yourself before you start your guest blogging strategy. If you don’t have a guest blogging profile yet, you should target low hanging fruits, i.e. blogs with relatively low metrics.

Building your profile by writing for blogs with low barriers to entry will help you get your content published much easier and faster. Once you have developed enough material from blogs in the lower echelon, you can move up to more authoritative sites.

By slowly but surely developing your profile of guest posts, you can eventually knock on the doors of Forbes, WSJ, and equally greater blog so you can reach more of your target audience!

For an idea on how to make this work, please watch this video by Sujan Patel:

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