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Get Paid to Write Articles: 150+ Websites that Pay You to Write

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Building a freelance writing career is a juxtaposition. You can’t get good jobs if you don’t have a portfolio. But you can’t build a portfolio if nobody paying you to write! Sure, you can write articles and not get paid. Eventually, people will hire you. But why would you want to do that if you can get paid to write articles even if you don’t have a portfolio? In this post...

How to Be a Successful Freelancer and Build a Profitable Career

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There are lots of concerns on how to be a successful freelancer. “How secure is freelancing? I don’t want to leave my full-time job because it provides stable, steady work.” “How can I pay for my government contributions when I become a freelancer? I prefer having the company’s HR handle that for me.” These questions are more are valid points that prevent...

Business Coaching that Really Puts Money in the Bank (My Case Study)

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As a freelance writer, there’s no limit to how much I can earn. The only obstacle I have to overcome is myself. My earnings depend on how hard and smart I work. There are times when I didn’t work, which resulted in me not having enough money for that week. However, as I constantly find ways to acquire more job opportunities to increase my cash flow, I was able to make more money than...

5 Things Your Freelance Portfolio Website Should Include

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Freelance writing portfolios can be incredibly instrumental in developing your freelance career and landing more clients. Besides being fascinatingly simple to setup in just a few steps, portfolio websites are the ideal platform for you to showcase your skills with an added bout of personality and flare. If you haven’t already taken action to start your portfolio website, definitely explore the...

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