From time to time, I review the tools and resources I use related to digital marketing. My purpose in reviewing them is to get my unbiased and objective thoughts about the product to help readers gain insights about the tools and help them form an opinion on whether to purpose the tools or not.

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Long Tail Pro Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool Ever?

Christopher Jan Benitez The Top 100 Content Marketing Tools You Should Use Before You Die 4

Bloggers need to get on board with SEO to drive more blog traffic. To develop a successful SEO strategy for your blog, you need to choose the best keywords to rank for on search engines. Considering that there are millions of blogs out there, you need everything you can do to deliver your content to your target audience much easier. And this is what SEO allows you to do. By ranking atop search...

StoryChief Review: The Content Marketing Automation Tool You Need


There are things in your business or blog you don’t automate. However, by determining the tasks you must set to autopilot, you can focus on the bigger picture and not get caught up in the small details. This issue is true with content marketing. As a crucial and effective part of your overall strategy, you can’t skimp on developing your content and promoting it to your audience. At...

Ninja Outreach Review: The Best Influencer Tool for Bloggers? [2018 EDITION]

Christopher Jan Benitez Ninja Outreach Review: The Best Influencer Tool for Bloggers? 2

No man is an island. You can’t succeed if you go through life alone. It’s always better to get help from others. They not only make your life much fuller, but they also help you achieve your goals faster and live happier. The same applies to blogging and marketing. You can’t grow your blog traffic if you write for yourself and don’t promote to your intended audience. I...

SE Ranking Review: The Best All-Inclusive SEO Tool on the Budget? [2018 EDITION]

SE Ranking Review featured image

If you’re an SEO specialist, you need an SEO analysis tool to help you gather data and come up with insights for the sites you manage. However, tools come at a price. A hefty one, at that. Most premium all-inclusive SEO tools cost $99/month, which can be too much for someone to shoulder at the moment. To play devil’s advocate, you need to pay to “play” SEO. You must invest...

MissingLettr Review: The Missing Piece to Your Social Media Strategy?

MissingLettr Review

Do you find social media promotions to be a perpetual pain in the ass? While reaching out to your target audience with your content is a crucial component of your content marketing strategy, posting updates on social media is not the “sexiest” task on your list. Opening all your social media accounts to promote your latest post may not be the most efficient way of spending your time...

Netpeak Checker Review: Analyze URLs in Minutes!

netpeak checker review SEO

Great content? Check. Fast-loading site? Check. Impressive backlink profile? Check. Despite observing the best SEO practices, you still find your site at the bottom of the pile.Why is that? Hours spent on doing all these things, all for nothing. This is probably you right now: via GIPHY SEO is so competitive nowadays that your site will barely make a dent in your industry despite how optimized... Review: Eliminate Duplicate Content Once and For All!

P Review

As a site owner, you want to publish the most actionable and useful content for your target audience. To build readership and increase your organic search visibility, you need to write content that packs a punch. Long gone are mediocre articles that repeat what’s already been mentioned online. By providing new insights and ideas about a tried and true topic, you open the doors for more...