7 Tips for Consistent Blogging

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One of the biggest problems that bloggers face is consistency. They feel empowered to write lots of blog posts in a period, only to get burned out after. I know I experience the same thing, which is why I enlisted the help of Ryan Biddulph, the founder of Blogging from Paradise and arguably the most prolific blogger in the world. He shares his tips on how he blogs like clockwork, which helps in building your online brand and increasing your traffic in this post.


Thousands of blog posts.

Over 1,000 guest posts.

I am a consistent blogger.

None of what I do is based on playing a numbers game. I just stick with blogging more than most bloggers.

Example; I have written and published over 300 guest posts on Blogging Tips. I have also filmed and uploaded over 300 videos to the Huffington Post to reach a hefty guest post tally over there as well.

How did I become a consistent blogger?

I followed these tips.

1: Write like the Dickens for Practice

Write like crazy. Just for practice.

Write 500 to 1000 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document.

This practice improves your writing skills and helps you cultivate the art of detachment about your writing.

I wrote 1,000 to 10,000 words daily for many years between practice writing, guest posting and writing my eBooks. No single practice has developed my prolific nature more than sticking to this daily writing habit.

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Who’d have thunk it?!

2: Tie Your Blogging Why to Something Fun

Why are you blogging?

Tie the reason to something fun. You will never lack consistency.

I love blogging. I love circling the globe. Blogging is play to me. I always make room for play because I enjoy playing. I blog consistently because I enjoy playing consistently.

Whatever you can gab about all day long, blog about that topic. If you picked a niche based on monetizing potential or some other lower energy driver, think about ditching that niche to make room for your passion.

Passionate bloggers are consistent bloggers.

3: Follow a Morning Energy Ritual

Follow a morning ritual to raise your energy.

Become a consistent blogger.

Any lack of blogging consistency roots itself in fear. Maybe you fear that blogging consistently will be a waste of time, only to fail. Perhaps you feel blogging consistently will open you up to critics when your online presence expands. Or maybe you fear running into writer’s block.

By meditating, stretching, exercising or praying – or by combining all of these activities – you raise your energy, face, feel and clear out these fears and can become a creative dynamo.

I stress how much of my prolific nature flows from my first 40 to 45 minutes of every day. I meditate for 20 minutes. I stretch or do yoga for 10 minutes. I do 50 sit ups. I shadow box for a few minutes. I read one line from A Course in Miracles and dwell on the idea.

I dive into my blogging day, feeling infused by my morning energy ritual.

Blog mainly from a place of love, not from a place of fear. Raise your vibe by following a diligent energy ritual every morning. Dissolve writer’s block. Dissolve all fears that prevent you from being a consistent blogger.

4: Blog on the Clock

Blog. Break. Blog. Break.

Blog consistently by getting down to business when it is time to get down to business.

Consider following the Pomodoro Technique. Blog for 50 minutes. Break for 10 minutes. Or blog for 30 minutes and break for 5 minutes.

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5: Don’t Hold Back

You know when it is, say, 10 PM on a Friday night, after a busy week, and you are feeling the urge to write a guest post for Christopher (blog owner) yet, Netflix is calling too?

At that moment, you either hold back and browse Netflix or let it all hang out and write the guest post.

You need rest. Ditto for relaxation. You also need to learn the art of not holding back, honoring your intuitive nudges and being generous with your time and talents.

Prolific bloggers are incredibly skilled at riding their creative momentum day after day. I model my blogging campaign after Jerry Seinfeld’s writing campaign. He envisioned a writing chain linked by each day he practiced his comedy writing. Legend has it the guy rarely if ever missed a day, which is why he became one of the wealthiest and most famous comedians of all time.

PS….I am the guy up at 10 PM writing this guest post 🙂

Ryan Biddulph quote - Blogging Consistently

6: Blog into Your Fears

Blog into your fears.

This is one quick way to become prolific.

I have published over 300 guest posts on Blogging Tips. Some days I feel a little fear that says, “You are wasting your time, Ryan!” or “You will run out of ideas, Ryan!” but I feel the fear and blog anyway.

Being prolific requires you to blog into the fears that handcuff average, ordinary bloggers. You can’t become prolific by cowering to the fear of failure or the fear of criticism. But you can become wildly prolific by diving into each one of these common fears, plus a litany of other strong fears that will pop up in your mind.

7: Befriend “Pick You Up” Bloggers

Supportive, loyal, loving blogging buddies can keep you on track if you stray off course from time to time.

Even bloggers with Terminator-like persistence and robotic-type regularity flag a bit in the energy department sometimes.

Successful, empowered, compassionate bloggers can pick you up when you need a helping hand. Blogging big dawgs also raise the bar for you regularly.

Take Donna Merrill; she is an icon in the blogging niche who will help you, support you and she will also inspire you to persist through thick and thin. Surrounding yourself with champions like Donna will goad you to blog consistently, even during tough times.

Help out successful bloggers by promoting them and by commenting on their blog for months, then years. These folks will become your blogging buddies.

The Bonus Tip

I may have written and self-published 126 eBooks. Sure, I have placed over 1,000 guest posts. I am pretty prolific yet know that resting is as important as writing.

I am only prolific because I enjoy circling the globe, watching Netflix, reading a good novel, running for 10 miles a few days weekly and having a good time with my friends.

Pull back! Enjoy life offline. Be consistent by pulling back sometimes, by relaxing and by doing things from a place of power, not force.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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About the Author

ryan biddulphRyan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.


7 Tips to Consistent Blogging

About the author

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.