ContentIdeator by Content Forest: Finally, a Buzzsumo Alternative!

ContentIdeator by Content Forest: Finally, a Buzzsumo Alternative!

I love Buzzsumo. I think it’s a tool that all bloggers should use as part of their arsenal.

The ability to create content using its different features makes the entire research and writing process much easier. Buzzsumo takes away the guesswork of what makes a piece of content about your topic shareable and lays down all the data for you to use. In fact, the tool is an integral in Brain Dean’s Skyscraper Technique to help blogger build better content than the ones with higher social shares.

However, there are a couple of things going against Buzzsumo that is preventing all bloggers from fully committing to this tool.

First, not all features are related to blogging. Finding the most shared content for your keyword is the more useful for bloggers for content research and brainstorming. Other than that, no other feature will provide the same value for bloggers.

Granted, I love the Trending Now feature for identifying content to feature on my roundup posts. However, the Backlinks feature is better off to be used by SEO specialists (even though the results aren’t as comprehensive as other tools in the market). The Influencer option is great for social media marketers. But who among bloggers have the time to build their social media followers while writing awesome content for their audience?

As a result, Buzzsumo’s price point is too high for some. Shelling out at least $99/month to enjoy its features, some of which are not exclusive to bloggers, may be asking too much.

While I still would recommend Buzzsumo for bloggers working with SEO and social media experts to building a brand, it is not a very efficient choice for solopreneur bloggers.

An affordable alternative?

Since then, I have been on the lookout for alternative solutions to Buzzsumo. Free tools like Blog Hubspot’s Blog Title Generator and MyBlogU, among the others featured in this post, can never truly replicate what Buzzsumo does for its subscribers.

However, there is one tool that I feel strongly about as a blogger tool. And that tool is Content Forest’s ContentIdeator.

ContentIdeator started out as a blog title generation in the vein of HubSpot’s and Portent’s. I even featured it in my roundup post of excellent content marketing tools years back.

As good as ContentIdeator was in line with other blog title generator tools, it only does a portion of your content research. So it is far from an all-encompassing tool that Buzzsumo is.

However, Pravin from Content Forest found out that I featured ContentIdeator on the post and introduced ContentIdeator 2.0, which is an improved and better iteration of the tool.

To fully make an informed decision about the tool, I took it for a test drive.

Content research on social

At this point, I was writing an article about Craigslist on Niche Pursuits (which is already published here). Before writing the article, I used ContentIdeator to help me flesh out ideas and find angles to discuss in the article. So I created a project for this particular article.

Once the project has been created, I entered “craigslist” on the search bar to get some general ideas.

Similar to Buzzsumo, the tool shows the different content related to the topic with the highest social shares. The data can help you determine the kind of content you should write to gain the same amount of social shares, if not more, for your post.

The results also show the average number of shares on the platform where the topic has the most shares in general.

What’s cool with ContentIdeator is you can zero in on the most popular social media platform for your content research. Here is a screenshot of the results for Facebook:

The result shows the image and copy used in the post, as well as its engagement performance. From here, you can determine the kind of copy you need to use for promoting your content on Facebook to attain the same level of engagement on your posts.

Moving on to Twitter, below is the screenshot of the results:

It shows identical information to the Facebook results, which can help you develop more ideas on not only the kind of tweets you should be tweeting but also content that you can use to feature on your blog post.

The same can be seen on Youtube results…

…and Instagram.

Going outside social

The cool thing about ContentIdeator is you can research from other online sources outside from the common platforms.

Quora and Reddit are online places that can help you find the most frequently asked questions about your topic. However, instead of going to those sites, you can search them from the tool.

The screenshot above containing Quora questions is an awesome way to find different angles about your topic. You can even answer the questions on your content, go to the link of the Quora questions, and link to your newly published content with your answer in it!

Not only did you provide value to people by answering their question, but you also promoted your content on a platform with millions of active users!  It’s a win-win for both parties.

If you cannot find ideas on Quora and Reddit, you can enter the URL of the forum related to your topic and ContentIdeator will do the work for you.

Another online source that ContentIdeator uses to help you find content inspiration are emails. You can search recently launched email campaigns related to your topic or keyword.

From the results, you can find domains that serve up content related to your topic so you can sniff up more ideas there. An advanced technique is to identify websites that send out newsletters related to your topic. Once you have written your content, you can pitch your article to be included in the upcoming newsletter.

Using trends for ideas

Similar to BuzzSumo. ContentIdeator serves up its subscribers with trending news and articles broken down into specific categories.

Right now, the tool collects data from Google Trends and the most social shares for a period. It also takes trending Twitter hashtags, most reacted post on Facebook and Instagram, and most viewed and viral content on and Youtube.

The available data can help you curate the most trending news worldwide or anything specific in your country. The only downside of the tool’s Trending section is you cannot filter the results for your specific topic or keyword.

Is ContentIdeator for you?

If you are a blogger who:

  • finds BuzzSumo too expensive
  • wants a tool to help them with research for developing their content

Then you will definitely find a lot of things to enjoy in ContentIdeator.

The results found in this tool will help you find ideas to discuss in your blog post for your chosen topic. Also, the social media results can help position your content better by identifying the right hashtags and copy to use for improved engagement.

The tool is priced at $79/month, which is cheaper than Buzzsumo. Although some may find ContentIdeator beyond their budget, you can try the tool for seven days for free if you want to take it for a test run.

To try out the tool. click here to sign up for your FREE 7-day trial.

For those who have tried out ContentIdeator by Content Forest, share your thoughts and let’s talk about it by commenting below!

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