Expert Blogger Interview: Adam Joshua Clarke

Expert Blogger Interview Adam Joshua Clarke

One of the biggest qualities that a successful blogger possesses is enthusiasm.

If you are passionate about what you blog about, chances are that your readers will also feel your passion.

At the same time, if you are bored with the topic you are blogging about, regardless of how knowledgeable you are, your audience will turn away from your blog.

Therefore, you have to commit to your blog wholeheartedly if you want it to grow and build a readership from it.

This is what Adam Joshua Clarke sets out to achieve.

As an experienced webmaster, he wants to share how relationship building is the key to making the web a much better place for users.

To learn more about Adam, read what is the longest interview I have come across this far. You will clearly see what enthusiasm truly means once you read what Adam has to say!

Before you started blogging, what were you doing as a professional?

Door to door salesmanship and interests in sales opportunities so I could dedicate some of my time to practicing having really strong people skills and excellent salesmanship. What I was doing I was doing at the same time as my original blogging journey that got me into the whole area of building authority online.

I studied to become a graduate with a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Minor in Psychology. I used to go to class and bring an extra notebook where I used to write my original content and come up with logo designs and plans for how to design my business.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome as a beginner blogger?

Find out what gets your organic traffic was a pain in the butt.

It took me nine months of learning, working, and gathering expertise from my results and continually being educated by the information I found out on the internet. I used to mess around with all sorts of article directories and user generated content outlets like Hubpages. Article directories worked terribly. Hubpages worked well.

What I used to love was when I first found out about CommentLuv. It was back then where pretty much every CommentLuv user had dofollow links enabled, and you could easily find hundreds of actual page rank 2-5 pages where your comment would be accepted. This taught me the lesson of how to get organic traffic, and that was the hardest obstacle for me to overcome.

Now I do this my best by building relationships with other webmasters and finding ways we can collaborate with each other or exchange services for each other’s review. It is hardly a resource that can run dry is what I find.

Any horror client stories you’d like to share with us and how you dealt with the situation?

Once I had an entire book written for me and it had to of been pro-Bono and it happened to turn out that I was responsible for promoting and selling the product for half of the earnings from having created, written, and designed this product.

It turned out that I was having a lot of trouble with my website in those days, and I completely lost track of everything that might have gone wrong. Long story short, my website was on it’s way to its death. Only having about six months left off receiving only a trickle of the traffic I used to accumulate ranking first for all my top keywords. Where I had brought in just a little over 1.5 million organic views for my niche before I only had even a few thousand very low converting visitors that could have ever seen my client’s book.

We were still very good friends as our relationship had gotten stronger over time. He only knows that he appreciates me still even though I let him down. He knows I would make it up to him if I could. As you could imagine, though, how it could have turned out could have been tragic for us after I showed him so much promise.

Which blog post you have written that you feel the proudest?

Above and by far my very top choice and my all time favorite is this one little beauty. I think it captures the essence of drawing a reader in with the secrets of a double compelling hook. Offer for your content to be both good and rewarding where it otherwise might have only been good at best. How To Make Good Content That Will Improve Your Website Engagement. What I like most about it is that I think it has to be the actual best answer I could come up with, and it answers just about any template you want to compose content with.

This is part of my personal branding effort to identify a post you are so fond of sharing and especially because it gets a good response from people.

Another way of putting it make it right twice and easy to remember one time. Two good two Remember.

My name is Adam, and this is how I try to get you not to forget me, so it is my proudest blog post.

Who among your blogging peers do you consider the best and why?

I would have to say Andy Bailey the maker of CommentLuv because he spent the time to bond with me and even created a killer video for me that I still have on my youtube channel. He was a solid fellow, and I know he got into the website business cleanly and intelligently and even with as much trouble as you could expect a person to go through creating and inventing his path as he went along. He is just inspiring to me. He invented a platform that I believe in so strongly and made a name for himself as a person who had established salesmanship of a plugin out there on the wildly innovative and competitive Internet.

I want to do something similar so I still idolize Andy Bailey and would say that in a lot of ways we aren’t all that different for the most part.

I hope to be able to have an impact on many networks upon many networks of websites that might act as a platform to attract people in a specific way to want to appreciate it and possibly to become part of it. Andy did this, and I want to also. Andy also had an excellent Alexa rank.

What do you think separates yourself from other good bloggers out there?

I am out there to invent optimal strategies for building and forming online relationships for the purpose of collaborating with each other’s benefits in mind. I want to find you and start telling you how to do this and that and who to hook up with and to even connect you with a person or many strong influences with strong website authorities.

I want to make relationship building so serious to people and as good as it can be. @AdamJC55 Click To Tweet

Actually what’s different about me is that I am ready and prepared to treat any person that way if they are dedicated to trying and not giving up. I am going to try and change a part of the world of websites through my invention called Adam’s Linking Strategy.


This makes the offer of backtracking to supporting websites and giving them review feedback to meet the requirements for earning their live dofollow backtrack so once they eliminate the points in your comment, they will have improved, and you have screen content that promotes your website to meet your standards. This also allows you to offer dofollow links to poorly reputable sites that can produce good content. I mean if they are willing to put in the effort to meet the minimum requirements for their backtrack link then they deserve it.

This way more website to website connections and support can exist, be more fun and create an environment benefit of improving more webmasters at their skill sets. I believe this makes it so people have better lives overall as a direct relationship and they keep what they learn with them forever.

I want to make relationship building so serious to people and as good as it can be at the same time. Fun not work. Inspiring and motivating just to show your support of a website where a webmaster can give their personal review then drive stronger performing results out of webmasters who try. They just have to try, and they will be able to succeed if they manage their relationship with you.

I am going to connect people with one another with the attitude of giving two people a great opportunity, and I would hope other people strive to do this to me also. That’s how I am going to be networking at least. I want to have so much power to offer you opportunities that you couldn’t ever forget about me and my brand in relationship to you and your business. I would at least make you feel better about yourself for paying attention to me.

This is what makes me different.

List down the blogging tools that you use and explain why people should use them for their blogs.

Content Management System: WordPress

I use WP Security WordPress plugin and BulletProof Security WordPress security plugins.

These days you can’t trust how safe your website is outside of your education about how and why it is safe or the trustworthiness of a service perhaps. Since I am on a shared hosting plan I at least got myself protection from standard approaches that might hit other noobies.

My absolute favorite blogging tool that I use and that I’ve ever used is WP-Polls the plugin. This allows for you to be able to create polls and capture votes without needing to worry too much about voting abuse, it is simple and has no ugly links to anywhere to be able to use it.

When a website hits like 2500-5000 votes, it starts to feel really good when you think and see yourself from the perspective of whether or not you are an authority, and it is nice both to have and for people to see.

One last tool I have to say that I use is This page lets you check both the Page Rank and the Domain Authority/Page Authority statistic. This lets me use it more often than Moz’s Open Site Explorer three times a day limit.

How “successful” would you consider your blog?

I would say my blog is incredibly successful for being seven weeks old. Using that tool I mentioned above for checking Page Rank and Domain Authority you can check and see my website has a 15 Domain Authority and 15 Page Authority already! I believe that is quite a little bit higher than most noobies have by seven weeks.

I was able to do an interview with a very decent and respectable person who I have been happy to have interactions with. Her name is Gail Gardner, and she is from GrowMap which is a website in the same site improvement techniques niche as I am so it’s cool to know and support her.

My real indicator for success is both growing my Google impressions over time and so far seeing at least a couple google organic traffic visits to my website for keywords that make sense. I made those pages around the fact that they might be easiest to get traffic to and it’s been working. I expect it to grow. I know with this momentum I will eventually build something I can be more than proud of and have made friendships with more than many people who I will provide the resources I have gathered to other webmasters so they can do great things too.

Trust me the real indicator is by how much of the right kind of organic traffic your website is earning. This shows who has the best strategy and establishment so far for all the work that they have done.

What do you think are the upcoming blogging trends people need to watch out for?

A lot of relationship networking strong points will be required for Avid Webmasters to be able to strive in their online environments and communities. Only Avid Webmasters will have a supreme edge when it comes to opportunity building because they have the resources and the passion for relating to other people very firmly and for suiting their purposes.

I would want to recommend very strongly, and I have even been given this as advice, but the goal from the start until no end should you be gathering allies and essentially free resources that give them power and that they have the power to benefit other people by having.

It is the fact that you are gaining more power to be a stronger asset by relationship building that you can have more to offer to your group of allies and new people as it grows. Having this kind of influence will be an expected result, so it pays to be talking to the right kinds of people out there and working your way in somehow.

If there’s anyone advice that you would say to a starting blogger, what would it be?

My advice is that earning traffic is very hard and appreciate personally each connection you might have the privilege to make when receiving website traffic.

When you recognize each connection that you make you can better learn and respond to the needs of your audience to make sure you are always offering the best you can that you know.

The other thing to say which is part of the same first point is that you should be writing at least 50 pages for your website before you start thinking you have a resource that is good enough to be shareable. You are unheard of if you have less than 50 pages of content created for your website. Be able to write 50 pages pretty much all on the same topic before you see if you’ve got a chance to make it out there.

A 50-page website can earn millions of views by the way and with more pages you can do even better, but the biggest point to make is that with less than 50 pages it starts getting way harder. I mean 35 at the very least and a lot of them have to be excellent or stand out to be interesting for a person who is judging you from their perspective.

Appreciate the journey and expect it to be a lifelong hobby from that point on to do well at instead of a race. You will learn no matter what if you keep moving forwards and building something special to you over an extended period. It gets so much easier, more fun, and more interesting as you do it.

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