Expert Blogger Interview: Casey Miller

Expert Blogger Interview Series - Casey Miller

Blogging has a lot in common with exercise.

Both take commitment to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

If you want lots of visitors to convert into sales or subscribers, then you need to formulate a plan that will allow you to implement the tactics in pursuit of these goals.

Same times goes to people striving for a healthier lifestyle. You need to follow a meal plan and exercise regimen that you will observe constantly for months so see the effects.

This is the very reason Casey Miller has gotten to where he is now as a fitness blogger.

As a personal trainer, Casey had little knowledge about the intricacies of blogging and digital marketing. But when he started committing himself to blog full-time, he learned how to do SEO on his blog, which will pave the way to big successes later on.

In this interview post, Casey shares the obstacles of launching a blog with zero experience and how his passion for fitness made it work for him.

Before you started blogging, what were you doing as a professional?

Before I started blogging more full-time, I was in the fitness industry.  After finishing college, I began working at a gym as a personal trainer.  Then I started reading and learning more about starting my own business and website.  A couple of years into training, I decided to make the big jump and start my own business.  At that time, I started my first blog and website.  I didn’t know what I was doing at that point, but I was doing it anyway.  It wasn’t until eight months ago, after being laid off, I decided to start blogging full-time.  It’s been a long process and every day I’m learning something new.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome as a beginner blogger?

The biggest obstacle(s) was learning how to create a blog, create content and promote it.

Honestly, there were lots of challenges, as I have always done everything myself.  Things would have been easier if I had help or hired someone to do things for me but that’s not how things usually go from the start.  I know I am better for it now, but I wish I knew what I am doing now six months ago.  I think that you get to a point where things become a lot easier, and eventually you can make a schedule and stick to it.  My suggestion would be to do your research first before just jumping in.

Blogging has a lot in common with exercise. Both take commitment to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Any horror client stories you’d like to share with us and how you dealt with the situation?

I don’t have any horror client stories about blogging, but I do have some of my own about using WordPress for my current blog

When I decided to start my new blog, I wanted to try something completely different than I have in the past.  Traditionally, I would use an HTML template but this time I went with WordPress as I read it was pretty easy to use.  I will say, WordPress templates are easy to use, but no one ever told me that I would come across issues with plugins.  There are lots of amazing plugins, but not all of them play nice with others and your template design.  I had to find this out the hard way.  I remember, I downloaded one plugin and ended up reinstalling my WordPress site because I thought it was broken.

My advice to newbies with WordPress is, make sure you deactivate your plugins and clear the cache if your website is having issues.

Also, don’t upgrade to the newest version of WordPress without testing it first on a test site (localhost).

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Which blog post you have written that you feel the proudest?

I honestly think my latest blog post What is CrossFit: Learn Now with this Ultimate Guide is my best blog post.

The "What is CrossFit? Learn Now With This Ultimate Guide" post now has 748 social shares and counting!
The “What is CrossFit? Learn Now With This Ultimate Guide” post now has 748 social shares and counting!

When creating the blog I made sure to do my research on keywords and traffic plus pick ones that were less competitive.  I wanted to ensure it was around 5000 words with enough pictures to break up the text.  I created a guide with chapters and links so you can jump to a particular section for quick reading.  I also wanted to make sure that people were interested in the topic before creating as I would be promoting it and I want others to share it.

Who among your blogging peers do you consider the best and why?

I typically only follow one blogger, and that is Brian Dean from  I do find plenty of great blogs when researching new topics and doing content promotion but at this time it’s hard to follow so many great bloggers.  If I had more time, I would still only focus on 1-3 bloggers in the fitness industry and 1-3 in the internet marketing/SEO field.  I like to keep the number of bloggers and groups that I follow small because things become out of control, and you find too much information from following too many people.  This way I can stay focused on my primary objective which is my website/blog.

What do you think separates yourself from other good bloggers out there?

I think the main thing that separates good bloggers is the amount of traffic they receive.  I have seen many blogs that are considered “good” and the content is poor compared to others, but they have done everything else right when it comes to promotion.  This promotion can come from either shares or backlinks.

I believe the biggest trends will be creating incredible content. @bestoffitness01 Click To Tweet

I feel what separates me from other bloggers is just how much I care about what I do.  Sometimes you come across blogs/bloggers that put down others for not doing this or that, but I think that’s pointless.  It might bring you traffic at first, but it’s short lived.  Once people know that you care about the things you write and the products you sell, they will stay a follow for a long time.

List down the blogging tools that you use and explain why people should use them for their blogs.

Currently I only use three main tools for my blog besides plugins for WordPress.  The three main tools I use is Ahrefs,, and Mailchimp.  I have tried other tools but I have found these to work best for me.

Ahrefs is perfect for finding backlinks that you can use to promote your blog and spy on your competitors.  You can also track your keywords and find new content. is a great tool for turning your blog post into PDF EBooks.  This is a WordPress plugin, but you can also use it on its own.  Once I create a blog post, I turn it into a PDF and then use my third tool.

MailChimp is perfect for creating an email list, and there is a Mailchimp plugin on WordPress that you can use to get more subscribers.  All you have to do is create your lead box and post it on your site.  Then offer your PDF that you created for free once they provide you their email address.  Here is my example of What is CrossFit.

How “successful” would you consider your blog?

Currently, my new blog is only three months old, but it has started off pretty strong.  I have used everything that I have learned in the past good and bad and have applied that information to my blog.  In those three months, I already have a higher Domain Rating in Ahrefs compared to most of my competitors and have received a couple of pretty high Domain Rank authority backlinks.

As of today, I have keywords on the first page of Google and 100’s of keywords ranked with a high average in Google.  I also have one blog post that received over 1000’s shares in one day.  So, I can’t say that my blog is highly successful but it seems to be off to a great start, and I know that it will only improve over time.

What do you think are the upcoming blogging trends people need to watch out for?

I believe the biggest trends will be creating incredible content and promoting it to the right people.  One would say that this is not a trend, as you’re already supposed to be doing this but it’s not happening.  Everyone has seen a highly ranked blog post that only have a couple of hundred words.  These post may have answered your question, but there could be so much more.  When I see posts like this, I always think, how is that on the first page of Google?  I know there are many factors why it’s on the first page, but there could be so much more great content and in the future, I think you will have to create a 1000 plus word post to achieve these high rankings.

If there’s any one advice that you would say to a starting blogger, what would it be?

Blogging takes time and you should do your research first.  Creating a blog is very easy but getting people to read, share and link to it is another story.  This is where your research comes in.  Make sure to find topics that people want to read and find keywords based on that theme that you can rank for.  If you have a new website/blog, you will need to choose keywords with low competition and a high search volume.  This way your amazing content that you created will have a better chance of getting seen in the search results.

Remember, blogging takes time and never get discouraged!

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