Expert Blogger Interview: Louie Luc

If there’s much scarier than death, it’s obscurity.

Not to get morbid on you all, but there’s no glory in living a mediocre life. There’s no point in living if you don’t break out of your shell and push yourself to the limit. Even if you have all the potential in the world, you simply won’t amount to anything if you don’t take action.

If there’s a word to describe today’s expert blogger, it’s action.

Louie Luc may not be a household name in blogging (yet), but he’s definitely climbing the ranks as one of the most compelling affiliate bloggers to date. He puts his programming and developing skills to great effect as a blogger, which shows in Buzznitrous, a blog he owns.

In this interview, Louie looks back on his life before he started blogging and the life ahead as he continues to push through and blogging his brains – and heart – out.

Expert Blogger Interview Series - Louie Luc

1. What was the moment that made you decide to become a professional blogger?

If memory serves me right, my debut in the world of blogging dates as far back as 13 years ago. In mid-2004, just before UEFA’s Euro 2004 soccer tournament (which was being held in my home country) was starting, I published my all-time first blog post announcing to the Internet how excited I was about the event.

I started building and monetizing websites in 1999/2000 and tried lots of different angles and ways to do it: static information, services, and tools; but no content in the form of blog posts whatsoever at the time.

In 2005, I launched an online community to help webmasters and web developers which included discussions forums and a blog which was not frequently updated — just every once and awhile. Only around 2008/09, with a personal blog of mine about whatever came to mind, did I start to publish stuff with a great deal of frequency — i.e.: every day.

When the company I was working for as a computer programmer in 2011 didn’t renew my contract, I decided to develop a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress from the ground up and launched a viral-news website (powered by my CMS) which was updated every day, three or more times a day with new viral content.

At first, my idea was to use this website to showcase my developer skills in future jobs interviews but it evolved to something totally different. That’s when I decided to become a professional blogger.

2. Before you started blogging, what were you doing as a professional?

code programmer

Before entering the blogosphere, I was a web developer and computer programmer.

I decided to learn web development by myself since the moment I fell in love with the Internet and due to my passion for launching and monetizing websites. At the same time, I completed my college graduation in Marketing and merged both worlds (developing websites + marketing) to later become a blogger and online marketer.

In the meantime, when times were tougher for getting a job as a web developer, I took some courses where I learned C/AL, the programming language that powers Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s ERP solution.

3. What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome as a beginner blogger?

Honestly — and I’m not trying to act smart or demotivate anyone here — I can’t say there were any “big” obstacles when I first started out; just cool new things that seemed more fun and exciting to try out and learn than actual hurdles to overcome.

No doubt that some things were harder than others including transitioning from my homemade CMS to WordPress (which I still don’t like very much), picking and sticking to a specific blog theme or niche, building an audience, email marketing and making sure I wrote in typo-free, grammatically correct English.

Thus far, I would say that proving that my business idea was the way to go has been my biggest concern as I was under a lot of pressure to start making money due to being unemployed.

Either than that, to me, everything is seen as a learning experience; awesome opportunities to better myself and add to my knowledge.

4. Any horror client stories you’d like to share with us and how you dealt with the situation?

I once managed a website for a client that insisted on publishing controversial posts. I would simply receive the written articles and just have to publish them. I didn’t like or agree with that sort of content and due to its controversial nature reputation was also at stake here.

To handle the situation, they were explained how to publish the content themselves and went on their own. The client lost, reputation saved.

5. Which blog post you have written that you feel the proudest?

I usually take a lot of time to write my articles and keep on improving my research and writing skills from post to post; that being said, the blog post that I like the most is always my latest one.

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6. Who among your blogging peers do you consider the best and why?

I really enjoy reading Pat Flynn and Glen Allsopp. They both write long and in-depth articles with lots of valuable insight. They’re transparent, honest and the way they write makes you feel they are talking to you. It’s like a friend teaching and taking you by the hand, turning complex subjects into simple ones.

7. What do you think separates yourself from other good bloggers out there?

Very much like my favorite bloggers I also enjoy writing in-depth articles filled with actionable tips. I don’t like fluff and, rather than just telling people what I did and how successful I was in my endeavors, I prefer to show them how I actually do things and explain every little step I take to reach my goals (including failures, misses, difficulties and wrong decisions).

8. List down the blogging tools that you use and explain why people should use them for their own blogs.

I use Buzzsumo to find potentially successful new blog post ideas by analyzing which posts had more social shares recently. Following that, I do some keyword research using Long Tail Pro (affiliate) and Ahrefs to understand how much traffic I could get from the search engines if I turn those ideas into actual articles. To promote my content on social media, JustRetweet is one of the tools I mostly utilize. 

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9. How “successful” would you consider your blog? is in its early stages of life so I wouldn’t consider it to be anywhere close to “successful”. It is still very far from what I want to achieve and have planned out. Nevertheless, step by step, little by little, it will get there.

10. What do you think are the upcoming blogging trends people need to watch out for?

Video is on the rise and it will become much more than just a trend in the coming years. We will need to start paving our way toward that future to be certain we’re ready and fully adapted when it arrives.

Quality content will be even more important than it is today for Google. Providing direct answers in your articles will be an essential factor both for readers — which will mostly be arriving from mobile devices – and search engines alike.

11. If there’s any one advice that you would say to a starting blogger, what would it be?

My best advice to anyone starting out as a blogger is to follow their passion. I’ve probably read it more than a thousand times but now that I’m more experienced I can better realize how sensible and wise this advice truly is.

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When bad times arise — trust me, they will come — it will be easier for you to keep pushing and fighting because you’ll be doing something that you love. When everything else will seem to be failing, you’ll be able to hold on to your passion and move forward.

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