6 Spots for Finding Blog Topics to Write About

Are you starving for blog post ideas?

Most bloggers struggle to churn out helpful content persistently because they are hungry for blog post ideas but don’t know where to eat.

By visiting a few spots – or simply by being a bit more aware – you will tap into an endless flow of prospering, helpful blog post ideas.

In essence, there is no shortage of blog post ideas. You live in an abundant universe. But most bloggers cling to silly limiting beliefs like writer’s block, slowing or preventing the flow of ideas into your noodle.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Calm down.

Chill a bit and look at these spots to find unlimited blog post ideas.

6 Spots for Finding Blog Topics to Write About

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1. Your Blog Comments

Scan your blog comments.

Readers will bring your blog post ideas on a silver platter.

Increase engagement by summing up your blog post with 2-3 questions. As readers share their thoughts thoroughly you will spot problems, pain points and individuals yearning to live their dreams. Suck up these blog post ideas like a blogging vacuum. When you increase your powers of observation you will be able to mine 2 or 3 blog post ideas from a single comment.

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2. Quora


Quora is like a conveyor belt of blog post ideas that flow your way daily.

This massive Q and A network covers a wide range of niches. Make yourself available to answer questions to both drive traffic to your blog and to scoop up blog post ideas too.

The same questions – or variations thereof – will pop up again and again. Spot these patterns. Create helpful blog posts based on these common queries.

Follow only topics related to your niche. Target questions and save your time.

3. Top Blogs from Your Niche

Read top blogs from your niche.

Take notes on the scuttlebuttt being bandied about.

If prominent bloggers from your niche are covering these topics you better believe these are pressing issues that you ought to cover too.

Patiently pore over each blog post from the past 2-3 months. Spot trends. What topics do these top bloggers cover regularly? Observing patterns makes it easy to churn out content on your blog persistently because you can publish similar topics with confidence and clarity.

Note; do not parrot back these topics through your blog. Cover similar blog post titles but add your own flavor. Write in your own voice to make the greatest impact.

Get Ideas from Top Blogs from Your Niche

4. Emails from Struggling Bloggers

Struggling bloggers will freely send you emails and use your contact form to look for insight.

These questions are sensational blog post ideas.

Make it easy for readers to contact you. Do not hide contact forms or your email address for fear of being spammed.

Until you receive hundreds of emails daily accept spam as the price of doing blogging business. Open up to your readers. Field questions. Answer both via email – in short form – and also via your blog with longer form, in-depth content.

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5. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups - Blog Topics to Write About

Facebook Groups related to your niche are blog post idea goldmines.

For a good reason; these groups attract people who have questions or problems concerning the niche being covered.

A blogging tips blogger would join blogging-themed groups to answer questions in a thorough, helpful fashion.

Even better? Turn around and turn your answer into a blog post on your blog.

Simply record questions being asked in a Word document. Answer the questions via posts on your blog and via guest posts you place on other blogs.

6. Your Meditation Chair

Some of your best blog post ideas come from silence.

Whether you meditate or pray on waking daily, spending 10 to 20 minutes in silence opens you up to an unlimited number of blog post ideas. Sitting in stillness allows ego chatter to arise, to tire itself out and to disappear so those ideas flow in like bees sprinting to honey.

Sit in quiet for 10 to 20 minutes after you wake up. Either meditate by focusing on your breathing or spend a few moments in prayer. Being still opens you up to an unlimited flow of ideas. Relax, breathe, chill out.

Who’d have thought you’d become prolific by doing nothing?

Your Turn

Where do you find blog post ideas?

What tips can you add to this list?

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