Finding My Profitable Niche: My #MBUStorm Primer

Finding My Profitable Niche: My #MBUStorm PrimerThis past week, I have decided to become a better blogger by writing more content on my blog. I have been spending years writing for different publications that I ignored my very own blog to post content on.

Which is a shame, since not publishing content on my own blog is like being a very skillful carpenter with a poorly built home.Now that I have this plan in place, I wanted to have a purpose to write. While I love to write anything related to digital marketing (shameless plug: you can see my author profiles for the marketing sites I write for in this page), I want to step away from that topic on my blog (at least for now) and write something entirely different.

For that, I went to MyBlogU and am trying out their #MBUStorm Challenge. In general, the intention of this 30-day challenge is to find my profitable niche site that I plan to create after the duration has elapsed.

To do this, MyBlogU requires me to use the site’s Brainstorm feature to help communicate and build relationships with the other users there and tweet my activities on the site using the hashtag.

For more information about this challenge, click here. The challenge is only open until July 26, 2015 and ends on August 25, 2015 so if you’re interested in joining, you better act on it quick!

To start off with #MBUStorm, I created a brainstorm section that details the ideas that I currently have for my niche.

For this exercise, I am using Find Your Perfect Niche in 7 Easy Steps e-book at NicheHacks as reference material. It’s a great book filled with ideas and a step-by-step guide on how to develop your very own niche site.

I’ll be focusing on a particular section in the e-book, which is about determining the following things:

  • My interests
  • My dreams and aspirations
  • My dislikes
  • Topics I want to be good at or improve on

To check out what I’ve come up with, click here. You may need to have a MyBlogU account to view my brainstorm.

The purpose of posting my ideas here is for people to help me with ideas I’ve come up with that I should focus on and come up with their suggestions that I could try out instead.

Thankfully, there were people who were kind enough to take time and did both for me.

Here’s what Kari had to say:

I like the guitar idea. But you would have to do a lot more with that niche, such as create progress or instructional videos, or even a product to be really profitable.

My husband plays guitar and has tried to teach me. Music is audio to me (I can play piano by ear), so an informational site (for me) would not be that interesting, but an instructional or progress site would. Plus I find that kids today like to have things instantly. They don’t have time to mess around reading. They have the world at their fingertips, so even when it comes to learning guitar, it should be as easy as clicking a button and turning on Skype or buying a full program online that they can watch at their convenience.

As far as SEO, blogging, etc…You would have to find a really unique angle. You have a great sense of humor, so that may be one way to tackle it, but I find the market is saturated with people writing about that stuff, so uniqueness is the key. It’s funny that people have such an easy time being unique offline, but when it comes to building a unique blog, it becomes harder to stand out.

For instance, my dating blog has a lot of articles on it that sound exactly like other articles on other dating blogs. Even though I thought my ‘uniqueness’ was writing from a woman’s point of view, the truth is that I find my blog is very similar to other blogs out there.

I like the having more time for yourself, better person, and purpose-driven life ideas. I think almost everyone can relate to those. I also think that balance is a key component in today’s world when so many things are happening at once. How to find balance/peace/contentment amidst the chaos may be an idea.

I love her suggestion about the guitar niche site, although this will be much more intensive and content-heavy since I feel I’ll have to create instructional videos, e-book, and — most importantly — actually buy a guitar. I did have gear before but sold all of them at very cheap prices for personal reasons. Still, I always wanted to buy a brand new electric guitar again to get back at my heavy metal ways. Building this niche site would also be a very cool incentive as well.

I’m aware that the SEO/blogging niche is very saturated, so I agree with her statement. Unless I have a unique angle for this particular niche, I think it’s best to stay away from this for now.

Here’s some sage advice from Philip Turner:

I have discovered my purpose in life: Your blog needs to be about your purpose, rather than an interest.

If it helps you to think… My purpose in life is to help others to pass on their unique knowledge while they are able to do so.

What unique knowledge do you have? A lot. Nobody else has the same life experiences as you do, the same MMA, guitar playing heavy rock, pro wrestling marketing combo.

Whatever niche you choose needs to be one that you love and that you can build a community in. The community is vital. THAT is what social media is really about, not pointless tweets and likes.

Don’t think about the money – Think about the area where people most need your help.

This is the age-old question: do you do something because you love doing it or is it because it gives you the best money? Choosing either will define the purpose of my niche site.

Right now, since I want to profit from it, my purpose is to make as much money as possible with it.

This may sound strange considering the last line of Philip’s advice, but I intend to strike the balance between providing value to my target audience and making money. By providing a solution through the niche site I will be creating, I will benefit from it through the money I will earn from the site. How I plan on doing this, I have yet to develop it.

But I hope my purpose sound reasonable at the very least, even  if my ideas are still half-baked at the moment.

Speaking of profit, here’s advice from Dave Leonhardt:

The niche that pays the best is personal finance, because the affiliate deals are out of this world.  The catch is that you need a pretty popular blog before that really kicks in.  So you’ll have A) a long, hard climb with a lot of work, and B) patience.

If this is the case, then I must develop the idea of making more money as my niche site. Similar to blogging and online marketing, this topic is saturated with great sites and blogs, so I really need a good angle for the website I’m planning to develop.

Based off the suggestions, here are my takeaways for the first few days with working on the #MBUStorm Challenge:

  • Consider building LOTS of content for a guitar niche site
  • Come up with a good angle for personal finance, which is a very profitable niche
  • Refining my purpose for my niche site

Reading back at this post, I’m off to a decent start! Hope to hear from other users of the site to help you refine and come up with my profitable niche site.

For MyBlogU users, click here to view my brainstorm and send in your ideas.

If you’re not a MyBlogU user and wish to help me in coming up for my niche site, then feel free to comment below and let’s discuss here instead!

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