School Hacks for Students to Jumpstart their Freelancing Career

3 Quick Ways Freelance Writing Students Can Boost Their Careers - Christopher Jan Benitez

Students with a knack for writing should consider launching a blogging career. In fact, they should consider launching it while still at school.

Blogging is a profitable venture. And as such…

[clickToTweet tweet=”It is not very difficult to earn money from #blogging, even for students.” quote=”It is not very difficult to earn money from blogging, even for students.”]

Considering that some students will have to pay back the debt that got them to school in the first place (which costs around $30,000), it is only logical for students with writing chops to take up blogging and help build the funds. This will not only pay for their debt but also develop a blogging career that lets them grow a sustainable income source in the future.

While it will be difficult to keep up with your school work and build upon your blogging career, below are hacks and shortcuts in school that allows you to focus on making money blogging while getting the necessary workload done in school.

3 Quick Ways Freelance Writing Students Can Boost Their Careers

1. Get essay writing services

1. Get essay writing services - 3 Quick Ways Freelance Writing Students Can Boost Their Careers

You must be asking yourself the question, “Why should I hire someone to write for me if I can do this myself?” If writing is indeed your strength (which is also the reason you want to blog), you need to set your sights on a singular goal. If you want to earn money blogging, then you need to dedicate your time and effort to launching a writing career and let someone else deal with other less important things.

This is not to say that your education is not a priority or that essay writing is killing education. But you need to choose which between the two you want to focus on. By taking up both at the same thing, you spread yourself too thin and end up failing at both.

Assuming that you want a career in blogging, choose an essay writing service from Emily’s blog about writing. The blog has a ranking system for the essay writing services so you can make an informed decision. Some services guarantee to send you papers ready for submissions, which means the grammar, sentence construction, and spelling are correct. Also, compare the prices of each service to see which ones offer the biggest bang for your buck.

To keep the tone of voice consistent with your writing style, you can read and edit the essay before you submit them to your professors.

2. Use apps to organize your assignments and tasks

Smartphones are now part of one’s life. Not only do these tools help make communication much easier with friends and loved ones, but it also lets you download apps.

For students, the productivity apps listed below will help them manage their responsibilities and duties at school.

3. Apply study techniques

3. Apply study techniques - 3 Quick Ways Freelance Writing Students Can Boost Their Careers

To maximize the time devoted to studying, make sure to apply the best and most appropriate study techniques that best fit your study habits. By figuring out which among the techniques work for you the best, you will be able to make it easier to pick up the lessons in class.

For more hacks on improving your study techniques and habits, below are some of the notable ones that you should try and consider incorporating in your study routine.

  • Familiarity – Make the concepts you’re trying to memorize and understand by applying to something that you’re familiar with. For example, take one of your favorite songs and include the words you’re studying in the lyrics. This way, once you sing the song, you’ll remember the terms you’re studying for.
  • Pomodoro Technique – Devote 25 minutes of your time studying straight without distractions. After the 25 minutes are up, spend the next 5 minutes resting before you start the next 25 minutes studying again. The principle behind this technique is that you are able to study at concentrated and controlled burst that is broken down by a moment of rest and inactivity.
  • Reciting – It doesn’t get any simpler than speaking out the things you are learning. Pretend that you’re discussing to a friend the lessons that will be tackled on your test or exam. The logic behind this is that, once you are able to articulate the topics through spoken word, you have a full grasp of the concepts and terms you’re studying for.

For a more insightful approach to further develop and improve your study techniques, below is a Youtube video that tackles this very topic in depth.

Final thoughts:

[clickToTweet tweet=”These study hacks should help make studying easier and help you focus on #writing.” quote=”These study hacks should help make studying easier and help you focus on writing.”]

This way, you can devote all your energies in becoming the blogger you ought to become and make money by doing the very thing that you love the most.

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