The Great Grammarly Premium Giveaway

The Great Grammarly Giveaway

As a blogger and freelance writer, I pride myself on the quality of content I publish on my blog and provide for my clients.

I was able to achieve a level of success so I can work as a full-time freelancer for small businesses looking to shore up their content marketing.

However, I owe all my success to Grammarly Premium.

Among all the tools I have used, Grammarly Premium lets me focus on sharing my ideas through the content. I rely on Grammarly Premium to clean up my article for grammar errors, poor word choice, and 250 other factors that can affect my writing.

I have documented my experience in using the tool with this review post I wrote and updated months ago. My purpose is to not only personally vouch for Grammarly Premium but to also share how helpful this tool really is.

But I will do more than just tell you how awesome Grammarly Premium is.

Right now…

[clickToTweet tweet=”Join my #raffle #giveaway to win a 3-month @Grammarly Premium subscription for FREE!” quote=”I will give you the chance to experience Grammarly Premium…for free!”]

I am giving away two (2) 3-month Grammarly Premium if you enter my raffle giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As with most giveaway, the more entries you submit, the more chances of winning!

There are four ways that you send entries from the raffle above:

  1. Visit my Facebook page
  2. Tweet a message promoting this post
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Comment on the post by answering the question posted above

Keep in mind that you can only do all four once in a day.

The deadline for the contest is on October 11, 2016 at 12:00 AM. So you still have a good week to send as many entries as possible!

After the deadline, I will raffle the entries and get the two winners of this giveaway!

If you are a blogger or writer and want to improve your craft and get more clients, then you need Grammarly Premium!

Join the raffle now!

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