Niche Idea # 1: A Guitar Site with a Twist #MBUStorm

A Guitar Site Niche Idea with a Twist #MBUStorm

This week, I started a brainstorming challenge hosted by MyBlogU. The challenge is to launch at least one niche site after 30 days.

Here’s the previous post of my ideas here. Most of them are half-baked but I feel that I got most of them across to readers.

To recap, my idea was to launch a guitar site that will teach amateur guitarists to play fast, searing leads like Michael Antonio Batio within 30 days.

For those who don’t know how Michael Angelo Batio is, here’s his most popular video on Youtube showcasing his unbelievable chops.

My plan with the site is to help guitarist play as fast as this guy in 30 days. Challenge accepted!

So why this niche?

To be honest, the reason is a selfish one more than it is about profit.

I played guitar for a heavy metal band a couple of years ago. I quit played after getting married and having a child. I also sold my guitar and equipment for peanuts due to financial purposes.I do not harbor ill will selling my equipment back then. I loved heavy metal music, but If I was given the chance, I will do the same thing over again.

But I do miss playing music that has made an imprint in my life since I was a teenager. Records of Slayer, Agalloch, Vader, and other bands laid around my room as this strange, “noisy” music was the only thing that made sense back then.

Playing the guitar was the ultimate act that I felt was giving back to the music I loved. Being in a band was not about anything but an outflow of my passion for this craft.

To play metal music the way I know how is continuing the effect that it had on me and hopefully to impart the same feeling and emotion to other metalheads out there.

By doing this niche site and giving myself a reason to play guitar, (within the context of my profession as a marketer) I get to give back to the music I love again. Not only will I get to practice my chops again, but I also get to share the things I learned from this fun exercise with like-minded people.

Ideas for my niche

I took to the NicheHacks Private Mastermind Group to get more ideas and here’s where I got the “twist” moment courtesy of Harry Bloom:

harry bloom - A Guitar Site Niche Idea with a Twist #MBUStorm

This is an extremely good idea! Instead of spending time developing instructional videos, I can simply ask someone to develop the code for this. The calculator will then compute the price of the items and direct them to the Amazon page where I can earn a commission for every single sale!

Sounds pretty great in principle. However, after confirming with a developer colleague on how to pull this off, my fears were confirmed.

jesse - A Guitar Site Niche Idea with a Twist #MBUStorm

While the rate of the programmers is reasonable, I simply don’t have the funds to support this project at the moment. I will probably have to stretch the budget to get this done, which is another problem in itself.

Still holding onto this idea, I posted the overview on how I plan to launch the niche site on the Brainstorm section at MyBlogU. You can view it by clicking here.

I got one response from a user at MyBlogU. Here’s what AnnaFox had to say:

annafox - A Guitar Site Niche Idea with a Twist #MBUStorm

Not a bad idea. I can see to be much more efficient than doing everything by myself (building the site, playing the guitar, promoting the site). My only concern is that there are other established Youtube channels here that do the same (or similar).

The “10-minutes a day” approach is a unique selling point that may encourage other guitarists to subscribe to the channel.  Maybe I can include this on top of what I plan to do? But that would be much more time-consuming. Just shooting my thoughts here.

So here are the new ideas brought about by brainstorming with other people:

  • Include or turn guitar niche site into a price calculator of guitar equipment. Once the selection has been computed, the user will see the suggested items and will link to the items from Amazon where I can earn a commission for every sale.
  • Create a “10-minute guitar video” channel on Youtube that teaches people how to play the guitar. Get some of my musician friends to showcase their chops. To be honest, I’m not too enthusiastic with this consider that Guitar World has been doing this for years and have been getting the top guitarists from all over the world. That’s hard to bear.
  • Save up money to hire a programmer to help create the price calculator.

Right now, I’m sticking with the idea of creating a metal guitar site. The price calculator can be a different site since I want to attract guitarists from other genres to use it. We’ll see.

Well, what do you know? TWO niche sites that I’m loving so far!

What do you guys think? Any more thoughts and suggestions about the niche ideas so far? Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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