Should Writers Hire a Ghostwriter to Write for Them?

Should Writers Hire a Ghostwriter to Write for Them

Why hire a ghostwriter in the first place?

The reason why people hire a ghostwriter is to publish something on their blog or social media.

By publishing and taking ownership of the content that they did not write, they can exert their influence within their industry.

There is nothing wrong with this practice as long as the site owners are in agreement with the ghostwriter. That is how these writers operate anyway.

Besides, people who hire a ghostwriter are non-writers or are too busy to do the writing themselves.

Instead of learning how to write or squeeze in time in their busy schedule to write, it is much more convenient to hire a ghostwriter to achieve the purpose of gaining influence.


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The answer to this possibly complicated question is…YES, IT’S OKAY.

For years, I have worked my way up by writing for different clients.

I am far from being a publishing empire, but I have built a decent business with my content writing services.

I busted my ass writing content ranging from different topics for hours. I even had to work during the weekends to finish my projects!

Along the way, I got writer fatigue. I just do not feel writing on some days because of the volume of written content I have churned out the past weeks.

Worn out tires - Should Writers Hire Ghostwriters to Help Them Write?
Like a worn out tire, I just needed to take a break that, unfortunately, I cannot afford.

Part of it was my fault — I took on jobs more than I could handle. The load was manageable the first few days, but it became too burdensome as the days went by.

As writers, it is inexcusable if you cannot produce quality articles for your clients. You cannot delay the order you promised to deliver on a certain date.

Your performance is your reputation.

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As a writer who has amassed lots of orders throughout the years, I found myself missing out on those deadlines. I continue to struggle getting out from my slump, which only delays the time for me to finish the article orders.

Finally, I have decided to contemplate on hiring a ghostwriter to solve my problem.

It took me quite a while to hire a ghostwriter. Mostly because I was afraid of them.

Part of my concern is the possibility of the ghostwriter to get the orders wrong. They might not approach the topic in such a way that I would approach it.

However, the time lost in delaying the orders has proven too much for me. I do not want to further disappoint the clients, so to hire a ghostwriter was a drastic measure that I had to take.

After working with a ghostwriter, I really wished I could have done this sooner!

Much of the weight has been lifted from me. I was able to learn how to delegate and manage the content on the fly without typing a word.

Without knowing it, I was able to carry on my other projects and start writing again.


First, you should never take writing jobs that you can finish.

You need to know your limits and learn what you can and can’t do.

My reason for taking the writing jobs that I did was due to financial reasons, but that is no excuse for taking more jobs as humanly possible, which meant compromising my current projects.

The second and most important thing, it is definitely okay for writers to hire ghostwriters.

As mentioned, it is how ghostwriters operate. They are perfectly fine with giving away their content and have someone else own it.

More importantly, it is for your own piece of mind.

Writers are human, too. While we pride ourselves in producing grammatically correct, SEO friendly, and actionable content on a consistent basis, there will be times when we won’t be able to meet those standards, no matter how great we are.

Having a ghostwriter at your disposal eases the stress that comes in with having different clients. You can delegate the tasks so you can get more things done.

Best of all, you can collaborate with the articles that you have to send over to your clients.

Just to clarify, ghostwriting is not necessarily getting them to write for you and just sending the content to the clients. As writers, you cannot afford to cede the writing duties solely to the ghostwriter.

To ensure that you still have an imprint to the content written by the ghostwriter, you need to review and revise the content as you see fit.

Katherine McCoun says it best in her post about writers hiring a ghostwriter:

Quote from Katherine McCoun - Should Writers Hire a Ghostwriter to Write for Them?

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Therefore, by establishing a more collaborative environment between you and ghostwriter, you can still take ownership of the articles you will send to clients.

Now, I turn the tables to you:

What are your thoughts about writers hiring ghostwriting to help write for your projects?

Do you feel dirty when you as a writer publish content that you did not write?

If you have ghostwriters help you out, what are the best practices that you observe when working with them?

Type in your comments below so we can forward the discussion!

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