How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy that Will Increase Profit

Email marketing is a very smart way to promote your online business.

It starts with building an email list.

Quentin Aisbett“The truth is, many businesses simply haven’t realised the power of email marketing and why they’re making a huge mistake by not building a database.” – Quentin Aisbett, 7 Reasons You’re Missing Easy Money by Ignoring Email Marketing

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Among the different monetization tactics online, your email list can become your most profitable source of profit.

The idea here is to filter out the engaged audience from fair weather visitors.

This is done by choosing the best opt-in box that will encourage visitors to sign up, among other strategies.

Once you have converted your visitors into subscribers, the possibilities are endless!

This is where a full-blown email marketing strategy comes in.

You want to send out emails that will build relationships and rapport with your subscribers.

Your emails should also prevent them from unsubscribing to your list. You want them to continue receiving emails from you.


[clickToTweet tweet=”The real benefit of #emailmarketing is to convert the engaged audience into customers.” quote=”The real benefit of email marketing is to convert the engaged audience into customers.”]

This is where the money is!

The fact that they signed up to your list makes them as a qualified lead.

Therefore, it will be much easier for you to market your products and services to them!

However, converting subscribers into customers require you to craft a deliberate email strategy that convinces them to buy from you.

Luckily for you, I will list down basic but essential tactics that will comprise the bulk of your email marketing strategy.

Create magnetic headlines

Your emails will fight for attention among the other emails the subscriber will receive.

Some emails delete, ignore, and even send the emails they receive to the spam folder.

Only a few are clicked on and opened.

Naturally, you want the latter for your emails.

This is why you should focus on crafting magnetic headlines.

It is through these types of headlines that lay the groundwork to a successful email marketing campaign.

A headline that is not optimized or thought out won’t compel your subscribers to open your emails.

This is like shooting yourself in the foot!

Expect subscribers to unsubscribe from your list like mad!

To prevent this from happening, craft your headlines using CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

Write Better Headlines Free Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule

This tool measures your headline based on four-word factors: common, uncommon, emotional, and power.

The tool generates a score once it analyzes your headline based on the factors listed above.

You want to attain a score of at least 60 points to consider your headline as viable.

For best results, come up with as many headline variations as possible and use the one with the highest score from the tool.

Create exclusive content

If you are running a blog, it is best that you send out newsletters to your subscribers informing them that you have a new post published.

Tapping to your email list as a source for traffic is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your blog posts.

However, promoting your blog posts through newsletters will be of no value to your subscribers in the long run.

Why? Because the blog posts are open to the public.

Anybody can visit your blog and read your latest posts.

They do not need a newsletter for that, especially if they are avid fans of your blog posts.

To truly maximize your email marketing efforts, you need to offer them something that is much more valuable to them.

You need to provide them exclusive content!

This type of content is very much like a blog post. The only exception is that you do not publish the post on your blog.

Instead, they will only be read on your newsletters.

By offering this kind of feature in your email campaign, you encourage more visitors to subscribe to your list and get their hands on your exclusive content!

Implementing this requires you to use an email marketing platform that lets you store your email list and launch sophisticated campaign.

You can refer to this incredible resource of general email marketing platforms at your disposal. Included in the list is sign-up forms, landing pages, transactional email tools, and more.

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s check out MailChimp.

Send Better Email MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that you can use to send out your campaign and test that among your campaigns perform the best.

This is a great starting tool for newbie email marketers because it is free for the first 500 subscribers you collect. Once it exceeds that number, you will have to pay to maintain your list and continue with your campaign.

The tool allows you to launch a message campaign to your subscribers.

Drag and drop elements to complete your campaign.

Campaign Builder Template Designer MailChimp

Make sure to add social sharing buttons on the campaign. This way, other people who have yet to subscribe to your list can see the awesome exclusive content you are putting out.

Releasing exclusive content to your email list on a consistent basis gives them the incentive to keep subscribed and engaged with your blog.

Another tip: If you want to offer something exceptional to your mailing list, you may need to gravitate away from articles.

I’m talking about creating presentations and infographics instead.

There are lots of content creation tools out there for you to use, but I highly recommend Visme.

Create Interactive Online Presentations infographics animations banners in HTML5 Visme by Easy WebContent

The tool lets you create infographics, images, presentations, banner ads, and more.

You can drag and drop images from the editor to achieve the look you want for your content.

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy that Will Increase Profit Created with VisMe

It runs in parallel with other visual content tools like Canva and PicMonkey.

Unlike other tools, however, Visme lets you create locked content.

This means that you can protect your content with a password. To unlock and view the created content in the site, you need to enter the password.

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy that Will Increase Profit

You can use this feature to provide your mailing list with visual content for their eyes only!

Once you have finished creating your image or infographic, you can send an email blast with the password to the content.

Doing this will help diversify your content creation instead of just sticking to writing articles.

This is advantageous to your subscribers because some respond much better to visual content compared to written ones.

Yet another tip: The success of your email campaign is dependent on how well you communicate your message.

You must keep your sentences tight and grammar correct at all times.

This is where Grammarly comes in handy.

Grammar Check - Grammarly 2015-09-19 13-27-53

You can download the Google Chrome extension so you can spot the errors as you write your email.

This ensures that your email will not contain any errors before you submit them to your list.

Run surveys

Surveys are a great way to gain insight from your subscribers.

I would as far by saying that it is an intelligence tool to mine data from your subscribers. You can then use the gathered information to improve your campaigns and strengthen your marketing strategy.

For example, running a survey using a free tool like Google Forms gives you a chance to get to know your subscribers much better.

Google Forms create and analyze surveys for free.

Let’s say you are running an online marketing blog. You can send a simple survey asking questions on their biggest problems as marketers, for example.

You can use questions such as:

  • What is the most difficult marketing tactic that you want to master?
  • What are your weak points as a marketer?
  • What are tools that you would like to learn how to use?

You can add more questions related to the ones mentioned above to suit your needs.

Untitled form Google Forms

Running a survey campaign lets you achieve two things:

Learn what irks your subscribers about online marketing. You can use the findings to create content about mastering complicated tactics or improving their weak points.

Engage with them in a dynamic and interactive way.Your email campaign becomes a two-way street. It is not just you who provides value to subscribers. They also provide you with information that you can use to improve your blog. Not to mention, you also get them build rapport with each of your subscribers.

Ultimately, implementing this type of email campaign should help you create a deeper and meaningful relationship with your subscribers. This makes it much harder for them to unsubscribe from you!

Run promos

Everybody loves promos.

Promos mean contests and giveaways.

This is a great thing for your subscribers and followers. They can get a chance to win a prize from you, whatever that may be.

This is even better for you as site owner or blogger.

You get to engage your audience in a fun way. More importantly, you attract more people to sign up to your list and join in the fun!

Using a tool like Rafflecopter lets you launch a giveaway campaign for free.

Run Giveaway Sweepstakes Promotions Rafflecopter

The concept behind giveaways is to get as many entries from users as possible. The more entries submitted by a user, the more chances that the user will win!

One way for them to do this is by giving away their email address to you.

This is a cool way to build your email list because it gives them an incentive to subscribe aside from receiving exclusive content from you.

Aside from building your email list, you can also allow them to follow you on social media or tweet about the giveaway.

For example, the user that follows you on Twitter counts for another entry.

Assuming that the user already subscribed via email, that means the user has two entries in the raffle!

The user can add more entries by liking your Facebook page, answering a question from you, and more!

Launching an effective raffle campaign will help you drive more subscribers to your email list and boost your social media strategy!

A/B testing

Testing your emails is a dull and tedious process.

You need to launch multiple versions of the same campaign and analyze each to see which among the campaigns performed the best.

You must replicate the tactics applied to each campaign with the highest conversion rate and ROI. Those that contributed to the lowest performance must be disregarded.

That said…

[clickToTweet tweet=”A/B testing is the most important aspect of #email #marketing.” quote=”A/B testing is the most important aspect of email marketing.”]

Most email marketing platforms offer an A/B testing feature.

It will give you access to different metrics that you need to use to gauge the performance and score of your email campaigns.

The key to an effective testing is dedication.

You CANNOT half-ass email testing.

You can go all in when conducting a serious test.

More importantly, you need to keep checking again and again.

Even when you think your email marketing campaign is optimized to the highest level, think again!

There will always be better ways on how to launch your email campaigns. After all, better campaigns lead to greater profit.

It is just a matter of running the test and following through with the results.

Bryce Propheter“Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your brand in front of your customers. It also serves as an instrumental tool for lead nurturing. But in order to get the most out of your email efforts, you must perform regular A/B split tests on your campaigns and eBlasts. Like an experimental scientist, sometimes your formula will work and sometimes it won’t. But you will always learn something in the process.” – Bryce Propheter, The Importance of A/B Split Testing For Your Email Marketing Efforts

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The points mentioned above should help refine your email marketing strategy to build your list and increase your engagement with them.

By getting your subscribers to eat from the palm of your hands, you can increase the chances of them to buy your products and services.

More buyers from your email list mean more money.

More money means a happier business!

Now, are you ready to make money with your email marketing strategy?

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