How to Get Twitter Shares More than Usual for Your Blog Content

How to Get Twitter Shares 10x the Usual for Your Blog Content

A lot has changed in Twitter that may have discouraged some to continue promoting their content in this channel.

A couple of years ago, sharing content on Twitter is an easy way to leverage social proof.

Due to the short lifespan of a tweet, it is advised that you tweet 3 times a day to maximize your audience reach. While not recommended, you can tweet the same tweet multiple times in a day.

The tweets linking to your blog content adds up to the total number of social shares. If your tweet gets picked up and shared by your followers and influencers, the social shares to your content increase. The higher the social shares, the more trustworthy it appears to your audience.

However, Twitter shares have been privatized since the end of last year. All tweets no longer pile up with your share count, which puts your blog content at a disadvantage if you rely solely on Twitter to promote your post.

This is the reason why I can no longer show you proof that my old posts have been tweeted a hundred times, which is 10x more than what I usually receive if I do not promote them the way I do (which you will learn later).

Looking at one of my old posts, the social share count is not very impressive.

A Noob s Short Guide to Website Analytics screencaps
Well, relatively not impressive. Also, notice that Twitter shares are not indicated.

However, using a tool like BuzzSumo that considers Twitter share count, the social shares for the post is much, much better.

Most Shared Posts on BuzzSumo ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x the Usual for Your Blog Content
The social shares would look better if it considered the 93 shares from Twitter.


So why still get more Twitter shares?

The loss of Twitter share count should not discourage you from getting more tweets to your post. There are still benefits why you should continue using Twitter to market your blog content, some of which are listed below:

  • Increase referral traffic – As mentioned, if your tweet gets retweeted or shared by influencers and your followers, there is a chance that it could cause a huge traffic spike to your blog.
  • Reach out to influencers – Related to the first point, always putting out great blog content from your Twitter feed will tip the big players in your industry to take notice. I will discuss the tools that you can use to reach out to influencers later on.
  • Build up Twitter following – Having thousands of followers help you get more traction to your blog. But before you get to this point, you need to give a reason why people should follow you in the first. Posting your blog posts is one of the many ways you can do this.

Tools and tactics on how to get Twitter shares

To get the most of out of sharing your blog content on Twitter, you need to set a promotions strategy in place. You cannot just send out a barrage of tweets and expect people to click on them.

At the same time, you need tools and tactics to help you form a strategy that suits your needs.

Below are such tools and tactics to help you learn how to get Twitter shares more than the usual.

1. Viral Content Buzz

The brainchild of Ann Smarty, Viral Content Buzz encourages publishers to share each other’s content on social media. The concept behind this tool is reciprocity — people will share your content only if you can share theirs first.

Below are the steps on how should use this tool:

  1. Upon signing up, go to Settings and select your Groups of Interest. Tick the boxes of content you will like to share on your social media so that the dashboard will show you relevant submissions from other users that you can promote.
  2. Fill out your Twitter handle on the Twitter User section so you will be tagged on Twitter if other people will share your blog content. Also, tick the Allow Facebook posts and Allow Twitter posts to enable sharing of your content on these social media channels.
  3. Go to Social Accounts and log in your Twitter and Facebook profiles there.
  4. Viral Content Buzz ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x More for Your Blog Post
    Go to Dashboard and start sharing the content of others. The purpose of sharing is to accumulate points that you will use to launch your project. Each social media channel has corresponding points. Sharing content on Twitter gives you 2 points while sharing on Pinterest gives you 4. For Twitter, you can buffer the shares so the tweet will be published incrementally.
  5. Once you have enough points to launch your project, go to Add Project and fill out the form with information about the blog content you want to promote. Tick the box of the most relevant Groups of interest, set your Project budget, and tick the boxes that allow sharing on all social media channels. Once finished, click Submit.
  6. To track the progress of your project, go to My Projects. Add points to your project if it runs out of points to get more users to share your content. You can also launch another project if you wish.
  7. Go to Interactions and reach out to people who shares your blog post. Comment or reply to their shares and let me know that you are grateful. You can use this opportunity to build relationships with the users and follow them on social media.

To learn how to integrate Viral Content Buzz in your social media and content marketing strategy, sign up for their Udemy course.

2. CoPromote

CoPromote is a cross-promotion platform for publishers looking to, well, promote their content. It is similar to Viral Content Buzz because it encourages users to share first to accumulate points that they will use to launch their campaign. However, there are slight differences on how to use it. For example, you promote the tweet that links to your blog content and not the content itself.

Moreover, the number of your social followers will determine the points you will receive after sharing on the platform. If you have 500 Twitter followers, for example, you will only receive 500 points for every shared post. Conversely, if you have allotted 500 points for your campaign, users with more than 500 followers cannot share your post.

That said, below are the steps on how to actually use this platform:

  1. Upon signing in, you need to refine the types of posts that will appear on your feed for sharing. Add the most relevant topics related to your niche so you can still deliver valuable content to your followers and get more followers this way.
  2. Select Settings by clicking on your Profile icon and choose the Social Networking to connect your Twitter and other social media accounts.
  3. Go to your dashboard to start sharing the content of others. Promote as many posts as possible to collect more points.
  4. CoPromote ~ Viral Content Buzz ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x More for Your Blog Post
    Once you have accumulated enough points, create your campaign by boosting a tweet. Click on Boost from the menu and pick a post to boost. Choose the category, enter the top two relevant tags, and preview the post before publishing it for promotions. Each promoted post has a 7-day shelf life, so make the most of its time by promoting more content within that period.

3. Babbly

Another cross-promotion platform, Babbly has a much more straightforward interface that makes sharing content much more convenient to users. You can connect your Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to maximize exposure of the posts and get more points faster.

Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the platform correctly:

  1. Upon signing up, fill out your profile and add the social media accounts that you want to use to share the content of others.
  2. Go to your dashboard to start sharing the posts. You can filter the feed results to topics that appeal to you and are in line with your niche.
  3. Once you have collected enough points, enter the URL of the post you want to promote.
  4. Babbly ~ Viral Content Buzz ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x More for Your Blog Post
    Set the number of shares for the post you want to share. Choose the most relevant category, choose which social media sites where you want to market your content and edit the description that will appear on the post before pressing the Publish button.
  5. You can go to My Post to monitor the progress of your campaign. Add more posts to promote if you feel it necessary.

Disclaimer: The Babbly link above is a referral link that allows me to receive 5 shares for each referral that signed up to the platform. If you like the post so far, please show your appreciation by clicking on the link above or this one (also a referral link) to sign up for a Babbly account and help me get more shares 🙂

4. Social Locker

To get more Twitter shares, you may need to get creative. Instead of promoting your blog content to the platforms above, you can also promote it from within.

An excellent way to do this is by using Social Locker.  This WordPress plugin allows you to lock your content with an attention-grabbing and unintrusive gate and unlock it by sharing the post on Twitter and other social media channels.

Once shared, the gate vanishes and reveals the valuable content you are hiding from visitors who have yet to share.

Unlike most social sharing buttons, Social Locker plays an active role in your content by encouraging visitors to read the rest of the post by promoting it on social media.

Below are basic steps that will help you come up with your first “locker” using this plugin:

  1. Once the plugin is installed in your WordPress, go to Social Locker > +New Locker to create your first locker.
  2. Social Locker ~ Viral Content Buzz ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x More for Your Blog Post
    Create a social locker item by type the header and message that will appear on the gate. Choose the theme and overlap mode that best fits your blog’s layout and style.
  3. For the Social Options, select Twitter and tweak the settings as you see fit. The default settings should do for now. You can add other social media channels that visitors can use to unlock the content.
  4. Once published, copy the manual locking shortcode and enclose the content that you want to lock on your blog post.

To get the most out of Social Locker, you need to observe these tips:

  • Do not lock the entire content – You want to encourage them to unlock the content. By locking everything, you do not give them a chance to decide for themselves. This may turn off visitors who just leave the page without doing anything.
  • Lock freemium content – If you want people to download your e-book, white paper, or cheat sheet, use Social Locker to give them an incentive to share your post.
  • Keep testing – It is best to create different versions of the same locker. You can tweak the gate color, capitalization, and wording to see which version performs the best.

Another disclaimer: The Social Locker link above is an affiliate link. If you click and make a purchase from that link, I will earn a commission from every sale. If you like even to learn more about the plugin, click on the link above or this one (also an affiliate link) for more information.

5. Click to Tweet

If you want a more straightforward approach to getting more Twitter shares from your post, you can use a Click to Tweet WordPress plugin. It allows you to write quotes within an attractive box in the content so people can click on it to share it on Twitter.

Below is an example:

Drive more Twitter shares to your blog content by reading this post #marketing Click To Tweet

You can pull out quotes from your post or get famous quotes related to your topic to get make it easier for people to share your content.

In this blog, I used the free Better Click to Tweet plugin by Ben Meredith.

Using the plugin on your content is easy if you follow these steps:

  1. On the visual composer of your WordPress, click on the Twitter icon on the menu.
  2. Better Click to Tweet ~ Viral Content Buzz ~ How to Get Twitter Shares 10x More for Your Blog Post
    Type of paste the text that you want your visitors to tweet.
  3. Click the box to include your Twitter handle and type your username below.
  4. Once done, the plugin will generate a shortcode that will show once you preview or publish the post.


Learning how to get Twitter shares is a crucial task to help you drive more referral traffic to your blog post. While the Twitter share count is no longer accessible for display, it should not deter you from using this social channel to get straight to your audience with your content. The tools and tactics explained above should help you get started in forming a sustainable promotions strategy on Twitter.

Do you have other tools and tactics that you would like to share with other readers? Have you tried any of the tools featured above to hike up your Twitter shares? What were the results? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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