Nifty Blogging: Your One-Stop Shop About Blogging the Right Way

Nifty Blogging Your One-Stop Shop about Blogging the Right Way

So much has been said about blogging. A lot of gurus and experts shares with you the best tools and practices to use and implement to skyrocket your blog onto the first page of Google search or generate thousands of traffic overnight.

While these things are possible to achieve, there’s a greater chance that they won’t, whether you like it or not.

Blogging is such a saturated market that you need to approach it with a heavy hand. You simply can’t wing a blog post and expect it to succeed. You need to plan accordingly to establish its foundations first and continue fleshing out your strategy over months and years to see its potential unleashed.

For beginners, however, you need the right information at your disposal first before proceeding.

As mentioned, there are so many posts about blogging that it’s tough to determine which ones are telling the truth. Information overload prevents us from taking action, and the same thing goes for blogging. Therefore, you need to focus on a handful of information, so the roadmap to succeed will be laid out for you.

If you are still looking for the blueprint to building a fruitful and sustainable blog over a period, then all the information you need can be found at Nifty Blogging.

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Why Nifty Blogging?

Nifty Blogging Homepage

Nifty Blogging strives to be the ultimate resource about blogging for beginners. It covers a wide range of topics to help newbie bloggers lay the foundation of their blog and learn effective ways to generate organic traffic.

The course is the brainchild of Dominique Jackson, a freelance writer, and blogger for He reached out to me via email announcing the launch of Nifty Blogging and initially offered me to sign up to its affiliate program. Ultimately, however, Dominique decided to launch the course for free, which is personally a better decision than offering the course for a price.

So here’s the thing: I’ve never met nor heard of Dominique outside our email correspondences. I can probably name a couple of people who are much more reputable that Dominique in the world of blogging.

However, he did a lot of things right in introducing his course to me:

He offered me free access to the course.

Since Nifty Blogging was initially a paid course, Dominique was kind enough to offer me full access to the course for free. Unlike most blogger outreach campaigns, offering something for free with no strings attached will always be appealing to the recipient (assuming that s/he is interested in the offer).

Through his approach, I was curious with how Nifty Blogging as a course would fare compared to the information freely found online.

Comprehensive topics with actionable tips

Upon, accessing the course, I was pretty impressed by the level of commitment and detail that Dominique put into the different topics.

Here’s a screenshot of the topics under the “Choosing Your Niche” category.

Choosing Your Niche - Nifty Blogging

Below is the full screenshot of the topic “Why You Need a Niche.”

While the topic I featured above may be too generic, it is simply an introduction on how you should approach building niche blogs. Other than that, the module shows the craft and care that Dominique puts on the course. There are no wasted words, and each module flows naturally to the next lecture. If you are impressed with how Dominique presents the information here, then you will enjoy the entire course.

Topics covered in the course

Aside from choosing a blogging niche, below are the other items covered by Dominique in his course:

  • The Setup – Talks about choosing the right domain and hosting, as well your blog’s reader avatar.
  • Setting Up WordPress (the Right Way) Discusses how to install WordPress on your hosting, plus the themes and plugins you need to use for your blog.
  • Keyword Research – Learn how to extract long-tail keywords, which is crucial to SEO success, using tools like KWFinder and LongTailPro.
  • Content Strategy – Understand how to write and publish blog posts that will rank atop search results and your readers will love. The topic also explains how you can outsource your writers, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.
  • The Money is in The List (Email Marketing!) – Find out how to build an email list using a lead magnet and how to develop and send email campaigns to your subscribers.
  • How to Get Traffic & Backlinks – Discover the various ways to drive blog traffic from different online sources (free and paid).
  • Making Money – Turn your blog into a passive income generating machine by signing up to affiliate programs like Amazon.
  • Resources & Template – Links to relevant pages that were featured and used in building the course.

Did I mention that it’s free?

Unlike other courses with this much detail and information about blogging, Nifty Blogging is free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for an account, and you’ll have full access to all courses. There are no strings attached nor commitment when doing through the modules. You can pick and choose your starting point in the course, although it is ideal that you start from the beginning to end to replicate the success of Dominque.

If I were to make the course better, to which I’ve already suggested to Dominique, I would require the students to complete a task before moving on to the next lesson.

For example, under the module “Finding a Niche With Clickbank,” you can ask the student to enter the niche they decided to undertake on their blog. Same with “Finding a Niche With Stumbleupon” – ask them the niche ideas they have gathered after using Stumblepon.

However, this is just a small caveat that I have about the course. It doesn’t, by any chance, detract from the fact that I find the course to be one of the most comprehensive and thorough courses about blogging that I have ever encountered.

>> If you are interested in signing up for the course, click here or on the button below:

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