Ninja Outreach Review: The Best Influencer Tool for Bloggers? [2018 EDITION]

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  • All inclusive marketing tool for bloggers
  • Moderately priced compared to its contemporaries
  • Awesome customer support


  • Loads too slow for my tastes
  • Some of the features feel half-baked

No man is an island.

You can’t succeed if you go through life alone.

It’s always better to get help from others. They not only make your life much fuller, but they also help you achieve your goals faster and live happier.

The same applies to blogging and marketing. You can’t grow your blog traffic if you write for yourself and don’t promote to your intended audience.

I know what you’re thinking:

“But promoting my content sucks!”

“Reaching out to people is a time-suck and robs my time for doing other important things for my blog!”

You know what? You’re probably right.

Promoting your blog is an arduous task that sucks out the creativity from your blogging bones. It’s something that you’d rather assign to a VA but can’t because you don’t have enough money.

Therefore, to succeed, you need to find a way around this problem like a stealthy ninja unleashing an attack when their opponents least expect it.

You need to promote your blog content effectively, if not reach out to influencers in your niche, to fast-track your blog’s success without giving away much of your time and money.

You need Ninja Outreach.

Note from the Editor: All links that point to Ninja Outreach are affiliate links. If you click on the links and successfully subscribe to an account at Ninja Outreach, I will receive a commission of the sale. If you like the tool, then I would highly appreciate it if you sign up to Ninja Outreach using any of the links here or by clicking here.

What is Ninja Outreach?

ninja outreach review homepage


In a nutshell, Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing software and a great one at that. To call it otherwise is a disservice to what the tool can help you with as a blogger.

In layman’s terms, Ninja Outreach is a prospecting tool that helps you find influencers to reach out in your industry. The core feature of the tool is the ability to make the prospecting process much more convenient for bloggers. What you do with the prospects is what makes Ninja Outreach truly useful.

ninja outreach find leads

Once you have generated the contact details using this tool, you can perform any of the tasks from the screenshot above. You can then schedule sending emails to your target influencers so you can connect with them and open doors for you to build relationships with them.

As a blogger, you will find a lot of uses from the tactics above to help grow your blog’s traffic and conversion rate!

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How to review Ninja Outreach

To objectively review Ninja Outreach, we need to establish factors that we will use to measure the tool’s performance and features. Below are the ones that I will be using for this review:

  • Features – How helpful are the features of the tool for growing your blog?
  • Usability – Is the tool easy-to-use and intuitive enough for first-time users to understand?
  • Customer support – Does the tool’s customer support go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience to users?
  • Price – Is the tool useful enough to justify its costs?

How to Use Ninja Outreach

As an influencer tool, the primary use of Ninja Outreach is for influencer outreach campaigns. The tool is perfect for the job if you want to drive blog traffic and reach out to influencers in your niche. If you’re not familiar with how blogger outreach works, click here to visit the page I wrote about the basics of this tactic.

If you’re well-versed with blogger outreach, then Ninja Outreach will help make your blogger outreach much easier and convenient for you. Below are the main features of the tools and how you can use them to launch your entire outreach campaign from the platform.

Blogging prospecting

Once you’ve created an account (you can start here by signing up for a 14-day trial), you can start searching for prospects by typing on the search bar.

search for new prospects

Normally, you’d start searching for your topic in the bar since you want to find people related to your niche. For example, typing “content marketing” in the field will yield these results:

content marketing search using prospecting tool

The results bring you to the Content Prospecting feature of the tool. It returns websites that are most relevant to the keyword phrase you entered. A website, while not an influencer, can be considered as a prospect if you want to write guest posts on different blogs, for instance.

What’s cool about Ninja Outreach is it shows you the different factors to help you determine a website’s authority. If you want to write guest posts, then you should refer to the site’s SEO Metrics. While guest posting is a not primarily an SEO tactic, writing for sites that search engines love can help funnel some of that love to your site. Therefore, choosing sites with high DA (domain authority) and lots of backlinks can go a long way in your guest blogging strategy.

If you find sites with similar scores in the SEO Metrics, you can use others factors to break the tie. For example, referring to a site’s Traffic and Engagement will help you find sites that will drive the most comments and eyeballs to your post.

Another factor you must consider when looking for sites to submit your guest post is the Features column. It says here if the site or blog is currently looking for guest or sponsored posts. However, some of the results have no entries under Features. It may be better to just manually visit the site and see for yourself if they are accepting.

content marketing filter

If the results returned hundreds and thousands of sites, you could filter them to show only specific figures for each factor. Filtering the results that help you find sites that meet your criteria, so you don’t have to sift through each page manually.

Twitter and Instagram influencer research

The Social Prospecting feature helps you find influencers on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is to piggyback on the popularity of influencers in your related niches. Once you’ve acquired their social media information, you can follow and engage with them on social media. Ultimately, you want to build relationships with them and get help with promoting your blog.

Click on the Social Prospecting tab and enter your keyword on the search bar. For the best results, enter the topic of your niche to get the most relevant influencers to target.

social prospecting ninja outreach review

Once you’ve entered the keyword, you will see the different influencers. You can filter the results based on location, followers, and website.

social prospecting results

Similar to the Content Prospector, you can also filter the tags to show specific influencers. You can focus on looking for bloggers, influencers, executives, companies, and journalists. You can also set the minimum number of followers to target influencers with lots of followers.

Contact management

The List Management will show you the different lists you have created using the tool’s prospecting feature.

Once you have chosen the list of sites and influencers you want to target with your outreach campaign, click on Save List.

save prospects

You can add the chosen sites/influencers to an existing list, or you can create a new one. Once you have finalized the list, you can review each entry by clicking on the Your Prospects tabs and opening the list.

your prospects - ninja outreach review

On this part, you can change the relationship of each entry once you’ve reached out to them, from following them on social media or emailing them for a sponsored post. There are lots of stages to choose from the relationship drop-down menu. As a result, Ninja Outreach works as a CRM tool to help you define which relationship stage you are with your contact details.

If you want to update the profile of your contacts, click on the edit button and update as you see fit.

edit contact details

You can also follow them on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter button if you haven’t yet. If you want to reach out to them via email, click the paper plane button to send them one.

You can use Ninja Outreach to manage your leads and sales process. Assign your sales team to qualify prospects and sending them emails from your list of email templates. Doing so lets you automate your sales process and frees up your time to focus on more important matters.


ninja outreach ad


Pre-made and personalizable email templates

As mentioned earlier, the core feature of Ninja Outreach is to send emails to your contacts and build relationships with them. The Manage Templates opens you the door to different possibilities on how to reach out to your leads and contacts.

After clicking on the Manage Templates tab, click on the Create Template button.

The email templates help beginners to get acquainted with blogger outreach. Clicking on the Load a Pre-Written Template from the drop-down menu gives you access to lots of emails templates from blog post promotion to conversation invite.

create new template

However, you need to edit the templates to make them more personalized before sending them out. After choosing a template, it’s best to edit the email to communicate your messages more efficiently.

editing a template

Once you have edited the template, save it as a brand new template. You can use the edited template to send to the appropriate list.

Outreach campaign launch

This feature is where Ninja Outreach shines.

The Outreach Mode automates the outreach process by scheduling the email outreach program to be sent to your contacts. With just a few clicks, you can send hundreds and thousands of emails to your target list. Once you’ve set up the options, you can only wait for their replies and continue the conversation.

Once you’ve clicked on the Outreach Mode tab, click on the Schedule Autosending button if you’ve finalized your list and the email template.

outreach mode

On the settings, you can limit the emails sent in a day to decrease your chances of getting penalized. Although the maximum of 200 emails is safe enough, you can reduce the volume to control your email frequency.

As mentioned, you can schedule when the emails will be sent. Spread them out as you wish to manage the emails sent to your contacts properly.

Lastly, you can add follow-ups using this email outreach program if the recipients haven’t replied yet. This option is a great way to touch base with your contacts and remind them about your message. There’s a chance that they forgot your initial email.




Customer support

It should no longer a surprise if customer support happens to be one of the best features of a tool or software. What differentiates most companies nowadays is how they treat customers and how customers feel about them. A positive experience can go a long way – it could even turn fair-weather users into loyal and returning customers.

Throughout the years as a freelance writer and marketer, Ninja Outreach has one of the best customer support teams I’ve come across with.  My introduction to Ninja Outreach started with me receiving a free account to play around with from their support team two years ago. I was able to extend my account throughout the years

viktor popovski 1

Another positive encounter I had with Ninja Outreach’s support team was when I was asking for help to improve my affiliate partnership with them. I was asking for ideas on how to improve the performance of my affiliate links, and they were quick to reply with suggestions.

evgen at NO

While none of the emails are related to how the tool works, the team answered my emails in a timely manner and provided the information I was looking for.


ninja outreach pricing new


Ninja Outreach’s price point is perfect for bloggers and freelancers who want to take their professional sites to a whole new level. For $52/month as its most affordable package, the tool is not the cheapest in the market. However, considering its other features, Ninja Outreach is reasonably priced and packs a better punch compared to similar tools. Some of its best features such as automated email broadcasting and automated follow-ups are only available to $99/month and higher.

Ninja Outreach review: Pros

  • An all-inclusive marketing tool for bloggers. Ninja Outreach can genuinely do everything that you could expect from a blogging tool and then some. Aside from blogger outreach and CRM, you can use Ninja Outreach to create better content by filtering content with the most shares about a specific topic. In many ways, it is similar to Buzzsumo regarding purpose and use. However, the ability to conduct email outreach makes Ninja Outreach arguably better than Buzzsumo. The wealth of features is also what separates Ninja Outreach from other similar tools like Buzzstream.
  • Excellent customer support – It has a very accommodating and friendly support team that sincerely wants the best for you as a customer. My encounters with them have been nothing but positive, and I can’t help feel valued by Ninja Outreach in general.
  • Moderately priced compared to its contemporaries. Ninja Outreach costs more compared to straightforward outreach tools. However, as discussed above, Ninja Outreach is more than that. You can manage your CRM, research for the most shared content to help you create better ones on your blog, and more! In fact, you can replace Ninja Outreach with the multiple tools you’re using to grow your blog and save a ton of money in the long run!



Ninja Outreach review: Cons

  • Loads too slow for my tastes – Compared to other outreach tools Ninja Outreach, its chock full of features makes it bulky, which probably lends to the slow loading time. I tried loading hundreds of emails from a CSV file to Ninja Outreach, and it took too long to get the list on the platform, so I had to stop it. I’m not sure if it’s an isolated case, but it hampers the overall experience of using the tool if it doesn’t provide a seamless UX experience.
  • Some of the features feel half-baked – The Social Prospecting doesn’t offer a lot of insights about an influencer – the data can easily be seen with a simple Twitter search. The Content Prospecting could have been helpful as an outreach tool. However, most of the results are web 2.0 sites. If you want to write guest posts, then most of the results provided won’t be much help. Also, influencers don’t use web 2.0 sites to publish their content.

Despite its shortcomings, I’m not ready to write off this particular feature just yet. The SEO Metrics and Traffic and Engagement is a good indication of a site’s authority and makes it very easy for bloggers to filter the good sites from the bad. If Ninja Outreach works on improving this feature, I could see it as a game-changer.


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At the very core of Ninja Outreach is a reliable and easy-to-use influencer marketing software. You can manage your contacts and send emails at will from the tool. You can also track the performance of your campaign so you can tweak your templates in the hopes of increasing your open and click-through rate.

Veering away from the center, Ninja Outreach is a multipurpose tool for bloggers as well. It does things that premium platforms like Buzzsumo and Salesflare do. Ideally, Ninja Outreach should replace those tools and become your go-to software to grow and scale your blog.

However, and in my humble opinion, the auxiliary features of Ninja Outreach feels hamfisted to be relied on for your business. I feel that Google and the native Twitter search can do a better job than the Content and Social Prospectors, respectively. They’re not bad at all, but they need to work for them to be useful.

That said, I sincerely feel that Ninja Outreach is strong enough as an outreach tool alone to be considered for purchasing. If you’re not convinced, you can sign up for its  14-day free trial and get your hands dirty with the tool.

NinjaOutreach free 14 day trial

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