What Are You Thankful for in Digital Marketing This 2015?

What Are You Thankful for in Digital Marketing This 2015

Digital marketing continues to grow as an industry as the need for its services continue to rise.

The synergy between online businesses and digital marketers is coming into fruition. Businesses are finally understanding the need to rank for their target keywords and tap into their online audience using different tactics.

Suffice to say, there is so much to be thankful for as a digital marketer. More demands gives way to more opportunities and avenues for growth.

As the year is about to close and as we near Thanksgiving Day, I would like to look back as some of the things that marketers are thankful for this year.

To create this post, I compiled comments and answers from people using MyBlogU (more on this later).

In this post, you will read how people are thankful for:

  • Social media as it plays an important role in building a community and shaping trends
  • Secure and reliable tools that help supercharge and protect a website
  • Content and the value placed on actionable and well-written one
  • The booming SEO/SEM sector in Asia
  • Remarketing and the ability to attract back your audience
  • MyBlogU as the “Swiss knife” for marketers

Ready? Let’s start!

All hail social media!

Social media is a staple among digital marketers when it comes to building an online community and amplifying their message to their audience.

For that very reason, marketers and SEO specialists alike love what social media offers to their business, as Rebecca Fontanilla shares in her comment below:

Twitter profile picture of Bunny Inc.As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst, I am most thankful for social media platforms. It may seem a bit cliché but entering the digital marketing world has opened my eyes to creative ways to expand my network, exchange ideas and maintain valuable relations with people from all over the world. That’s what’s so neat about social media and digital marketing – you are able to be creative! The whole Internet is your canvas. Paint it however you like and allow others to admire your own creative masterpiece. – Rebecca Fontanilla, Bunny Inc.

Social media has been experiencing a steady growth over the past few years and 2015 is no different. We Are Social released their global digital statshot findings this past August.

Active Users on Social Media August 2015 - We Are Social - What Are You Thankful for in Digital Marketing This 2015?

According to the findings, the global penetration rates of social media exceeds 30% of total internet users.

In simple terms…

There are around 2.2 billion internet users on social media this past August. And counting. Click To Tweet

Facebook leads the pack among social media platforms with 1.49 billion users, followed by QZone, China’s main social networking site, at 832 billion.

What is interesting is that WhatsApp, mainly a mobile chat app, has the third highest social media user count with 800 billion.

This goes to show the future of social media, which is the turn to mobile.

As mobile-centric chat apps, which are offshoots of traditional social networks, continue to grow at a fast rate, expect more marketers and developers to find creative ways to market their businesses from these apps.

Moving to security and reliability

If there’ is anything that the Ashley Madison hack taught people other than not cheat on their partners, it is to prepare for the worst.

That means…

"Backing up your website data and adding layers of security to safeguard all pertinent information."

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Even the simple changing of your web hosting service to a more reliable one will prove wonders not only to your website security, but also its performance, as Shamsudeen Adeshokan found out:

Twitter profile picture of Shamsudeen AdeshokanThere are many events that happened this year 2015, which I consider positives to my online business but the one that really put smiles on my face each time I look back at it is moving my blog to another web hosting company.

I have been planning the move for several months back but couldn’t take the step.

Not that my previous hosting company didn’t get the basic hosting job done, or was not up to it…..but my blog’s quality (in terms of search traffic, which is my main priority) wasn’t doing well. I have been putting in all efforts to increase the blog search visibility, but nothing seems to be changing.

So I thought of changing host to see what effect it will have on the blog search traffic……

After about three weeks of switching host, I experience an increase of about 25% in search traffic (and a faster web pages) which has continue to grow rapidly since taking this step on June 21 of this year. – Shamsudeen AdeshokanCyberNaira.com

With regard to web hosting, not all are created equal. There are features that some hosting services have but others don’t.

That said, it is important to understand what you want to achieve with your web hosting.

If you are looking to move your website to a more reliable web hosting, refer to this post at Web Hosting Secret Revealed about the best web hosting for you.

As far as website security is concerned, you may need to install any of these security plugins featured in this post at WPMayor for your WordPress site.

Keep note that, while these plugins will make it more difficult for hackers to infiltrate your website data, you can never be too sure with just a single layer of protection.

Content is king…no, really!

“Content is king.”

This phrase has been beaten to death in the world of digital marketing.

However, the rise of content has paved the way for content creators and writers to come out of the woodwork and offer their services to online businesses at premium prices.

At last — writing as a core skill of content creation and marketing is finally getting the attention it deserves!

Gone are the days when spun articles pass as quality content in the eyes of search engines.

Nowadays, business owners need to build their website through the creation of actionable content that delivers value to their audience.

Considering that…

"94.5% of marketing teams say the first thing they look for when hiring a content marketer are his or her strong writing and editing skills."


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Source of quote

…a premium is placed on content creator with impeccable writing skills.

Take it from David Leonhardt who has seen an increase in leads and clients for his content services:

Twitter profile picture of David LeonhardtI am thankful that Content finally gets to wear its crown

I am thankful that after a decade of hearing that “Content is King”, people are finally believing it. Gone are the days where companies would spend $5-$30 creating articles and pay $150/month renting links on popular sites.

Companies are now recognizing that the quality of the content counts, that the content has to inspire people to share it and to link to it. As a creator of high-quality and original content, my services are more in demand than they have been in the past.David Leonhardt, Ghostwriters for Hire

As a content writer, I am personally thankful for the strides that content has taken throughout the years as well.

I am one of those people who wrote articles for $5 each. It was neither a very good nor profitable experience. I had to take multiple writing jobs to pay for my bills.

However, through hard work and perseverance, coupled with luck, I am able to earn more than enough per article to cover my monthly expenses!

The trick is to provide clients with valuable and actionable content.

I am able to provide this through my guest posting services.

By writing content for different clients on authoritative clients, I am able to amplify their reach to their target audience and build interest in their products and services!

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Booming SEO/SEM Sector in Asia

Lots of people are on the fence when it comes to outsourcing their digital marketing.

However, one thing that you should know when it comes to outsourcing is to never bargain on the cheap.

As the saying goes, if you pay cheap for work, you will receive cheap work in return!

While cost is the main reason why outsourcing is an option for businesses, this does not excuse them from building low-quality links and grammatically incorrect content written by non-native English speakers for their websites.

While it is easy to blame companies that provide shoddy SEO services, the fault really lies on businesses that rely on cheap labor to get the job done, or so they think.

Because there are lots of talented digital marketing service providers all over the world, especially in Asia.

I can only speak on behalf of the Philippines, and I believe that Kaiser the Sage (Jason Acidre) and Digital Philippines (Venchito Tampon, whom I got a chance to interview on this blog) offer premium SEO and link building services that provide online businesses a competitive edge in their digital marketing efforts.

Of course, these are just some of the agencies in Asia that are worth mentioning.

Point is…

"You as a business owner must do your research when it comes to finding the best service provider who will do the digital marketing tasks for you, regardless of location."

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To start off, read this article on the questions that you need to ask your service provider about SEO (by Jay Baer at Convince and Convert) and content marketing (by Neil Patel at QuickSprout).

By asking the right questions, you will be able to determine which service provider you wil go with for the digital marketing tasks of your business.

When done correctly, you can focus on more important stuff as your outsourced staff will take care of bringing in results.

Below is a testimonial from a digital marketing employee that reflects the trust bestowed upon them by their clients:

I’m a SEO Specialist working in the Philippines and this year is a good year in terms of the situation of eCommerce and digital marketing. Salary is more than competitive and awareness of the Power of Digital Marketing has brought about a whole new set of Jobs in this industry. SEO can now be broken into different tasks that translates into more jobs for people like us in the digital marketing world.

Relating this to blogging, we all know what content brings to website in terms of value and those valuable rankings that SEO are always talking about. Growth in SEO and Blogging is relative as they coexists together. – eliDRI, Digital Room

As the world continues to get smaller, the services offered in this industry from Asia and other parts of the world are growing. It is best to make the most out of this opportunity to find people whom you can entrust the digital marketing tasks of your site.


This concept is about reaching back again to people who have seen your app or site page.

The tactic is prevalent among SEMers, who redisplay their ads to others who have seen them already but did not commit to their call to action. Remarketing is done for the purpose of reengagement and maximizing ROI, among other benefits.

Remarketing should not be confused with retargeting. For a better idea on how remarketing works, here is a post at KISSmetrics that compares remarketing and retargeting.

Melissa Lee is thankful of remarketing, in particular the Instagram Ads in Facebook and Google Customer match:

Twitter profile picture of Allin1SocialWorking with several eCommerce brands around the world, remarketing has always been our best performing paid channel.

With Instagram ads finally, we are able to extend our reach and re-engage our fans through their new favourite social media channel. As this is relatively new, it has not brought immediate direct sales, but has worked wonders for engagement at the moment.

Google is finally getting serious in the remarketing game as well. With the advent of customer match, we are definitely redistributing some of our facebook remarketing budget towards Google customer match and we can’t wait to see how it works for us during black friday and cyber monday sales. – Melissa Lee, All in 1 Social


I am a big fan of MyBlogU.

The fact that I used this tool to gather answers for this post is proof of how much I love it.

Just like a Swiss knife, there is so much you can do using MyBlogU, if not everything!

However, while MyBlogU has served me well in building content from user suggestions, my favorite feature of this tool is the ability to build backlinks through citation.

I described in this post how MyBlogU allows me to help out other users in brainstorming for their topics.

Just to give you an idea on how MyBlogU works as a link building tactic, below are sites with a link back to my site:

In order to get these quality links, I answered questions posted on the Brainstorm section of the site.

Browse brainstorming projects Get cited Grow your MBU rating

Assuming that you provided a valuable answer to their questions, they will approve and publish your answer with a link back to your site on their post.

8 Unusual But Powerful Social Networks For Freelance Bloggers

The great thing about this tactic is that I did not have to spend hours building a rapport with site owners to get a link from there.

By helping out users brainstorm for their content, I am rewarded with a backlink on their site!

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways on which people can use MyBlogU for their sites or blogs.

What is MyBlogU

MyBlogU also lets you:

  • conduct interviews with other users that you can post on your site or blog
  • upload visual content that other users can publish on their own site or blog
  • Get feedback and ideas on your content topics to help you build better articles

Really, there is so much you can do with MyBlogU to help supercharge your site!

Take it from Doyan Wilfred, who is thankful for MyBlogU and its awesome features:

MyBlogU has helped me collaborate with like-minded people-bloggers.

On my MyBlogU I have a community who is always ready to help and offer ideas. The articles made available are top quality.It has given me the chance to get noticed. Twitter- Drives approximately 10% of the traffic to my website. – Doyan Wilfredhttp://www.howtogetmoresalesonline.com/


There are lots of other marketers who were thankful for other things as well.

Content marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to build online authority and drive sales to your business.

Irina Weber of SE Rankings is thankful for content marketing this year and strongly believes that it will usurp social media in terms of providing your audience with a constant place to visit.

Irina WeberThe confusing thing is that social networks are constantly expanding and all brands need to create content to cover these social channels. Social media envelops us like air. But content marketing is a place that many internet marketers can visit, like a sparkling lake stocked with trout. – Irina Weber, SE Ranking

Russian search engine Yandex releases an algorithm update that intends to clean up spammy sites from search results.

If you are trying to rank on Yandex, then you are probably like Jane Kryukova who is relieved that the biggest search engine in the country will start recognizing websites employing white-hat tactics through and through:

Twitter profile picture of Jane KryukovaI’m insanely thankful to the new Yandex algorithm called Minusinsk (I’m from Russia and do blogging for a Russian website). This algorithm is created to penalise websites that use unnatural backlinks. Because of its impact a lot of shitty websites were banned, but what is even more importantly – Russian webmasters finally start refusing black hat SEO and adopting content marketing, usability improvement and other valuable white hat SEO techniques. What about my website? It feels really well after launching Minusinsk. It gained a very good search engine traffic growth and even bigger loyalty from our audience (our users see that we use exclusively honest methods of promotion thinking about their comfort first of all, and that’s why respect us and give us their preference). I think Google needs the same algorithm smile. – Jane Kryukova, Texterra

Finally, the constant updates on Google ‘s algorithm are something that most marketers and SEO specialists are looking forward to this coming year.

Gareth BullI’m thankful how clever Google’s algorithm is in 2015 and will be even better in 2016. It’s nice to see less spam ranking sites these days. – Gareth Bull SEO Consultant

Now that they’ve shared things that they are thankful for in digital marketing this year, I now turn the tables to you:

What are you thankful for in digital marketing this 2015?

Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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