4 Viable Ways Entrepreneurs Can Supplement Website Advertising Income

4 Viable Ways to Diversify Your Website Advertising Income

Advertising platforms like Infolinks have provided people to build a steady stream of income from their websites and blogs. By placing intent-based ad units at non-traditional places of their site, people are able to generate profit based on the number of clicks on their site ads. Mixed to a strong online strategy, ad platforms can help people become successful entrepreneurs who can afford to quit their 9-5 jobs and just focus on making money off their sites.

However, there are also valid reasons why some people are averse to using online advertising platforms as their primary means of income. Aside from building millions of site traffic first before seeing actual results (which could forever to accomplish), the reason here is simple: it is advisable to not place all your eggs in one basket, especially with Google having complete control with what appears on search results. Indirect examples are sites that ranked on top of search results before the Panda Update, but now find themselves out of the search engine picture due to relying on a single link building strategy that’s been deemed low-quality.

The same can happen to site owners who rely on the ad business model. Once their sites have been penalized due to poor web practices, they might see their sites get drop off search rankings without rhyme or reason. As a result, they won’t see the same profit from their ad units now that that site traffic and ad impressions will plummet due to the absence of referral traffic from search results.

Therefore, if you are one of these entrepreneurs who want to keep your earnings potential safe from foreseeable setbacks, you need to diversify the ways on how your can make money online aside from just relying on ad units as your business model.Below are alternative income generators to help you build your profit.

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4 Viable Ways to Diversify Your Website Advertising Income

Sell an e-book

sell e-book - 4 Viable Ways to Diversify Your Website Advertising Income

“Content is king,” as the saying goes. Therefore, take advantage of content’s popularity as an online asset by creating your own for sale! Assuming that you are the one responsible for writing content on your blog, writing an e-book about your niche should be fairly simple. The only difference is that it will take you more time to manage your content strategy this way, aside from other successful tips, since e-books are normally longer and cover more ground than a regular blog post.

Once you have published the e-book, you can set up a landing page for the e-book so users can place their orders from there. Using effective promotions strategy should hike up orders in no time!

To get people to promote your e-book, you can set up an affiliate program in which people interested in earning from you will sell your e-book for you. In return, they will receive a small portion of the sale.

Sell ad banner space

Ad banner spaces on your site allow online businesses to promote their website.  Some of the most common ad banner spaces found on websites are the 125×125 banners (normally found on a site’s sidebar) and 468×60 banners (found on the header or within body of post). Similar to an ad platform, banner ad spaces are only effective if your site receives lots of visitors. Nonetheless, you should learn how to start your own banner ads campaign by checking out this post by Matthew Woodward.

Review affiliate products

review affiliate products - 4 Viable Ways to Diversify Your Website Advertising Income

Twisting the affiliate program the other way around, you can make a profit by getting your site visitors to purchase the products and services of others. However, instead of outright promoting the product, you can write a review about it instead.

The idea behind reviews is to give the products glowing reviews to increase the chances of making a sale and affiliate earnings. Therefore, make sure to review affiliate products that you truly believe are good and helpful to its users.

Build an e-mail list

build an email list - 4 Viable Ways to Diversify Your Website Advertising Income

Set up a signup form on your site that allows you to collect the e-mails of users. A tool that lets you do this is SumoMe, where you can place the signup form on top of the header, have it pop up in the middle of the screen, or turn it into a scroll triggered box. From here, you can feel the collected e-mail address to your email marketing platforms like Aweber, MailChimp, and more.

Once you have collect a great number of emails, there’s so much that you can do with them. You can upsell your products and services, promote affiliate products, and send out newsletter to your subscribers, all of which can help you increase site profit.

Question: what other ways can entrepreneurs earn from their websites aside from using website advertisements as their main source of income?

Share your suggestions by commenting below!

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