Why You Aren’t Making Money With Your Blog (And How You Could!)

3 Reasons Why You Are not Making Money With Your Blog - Christopher Jan Benitez

Blogging is more than just spreading your thoughts and ideas online in words. It has become a platform for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers to earn additional income, if not build a profitable career writing and publishing posts on their blog.

Due to the relative ease of setting up a blog and publishing content, you may have found yourself jumping into the blogging craze as well. You’ve planned your content, researched the best blogging practices, and made sure that all your blogging efforts are geared towards making a buck in the future.


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This may generally explain why you aren’t generating the money that you dreamed of before starting a blog.

Below are different factors that contribute to your unsuccessful attempt at profitable blogging.

3 Reasons Why You Are not Making Money With Your Blog

1. Not optimizing content

The pages of your blog are your means of communication with your audience. As a blogger who intends on making money, you need to make sure that your content converts one-stop visitors into becoming long-time readers or customers.

If your blog posts and landing pages are not converting at a rate you’re happy with, then you ought to try the following:

  • Publish informative and high-quality content – The core of every successful blog post is its quality. Make sure that every post you publish is perfect, from its content down to the layout and formatting. If you have published sub-par posts, then edit them until you get them right.
  • Improve your calls to action – The copywriting, colors used, and the placement of your CTA buttons on the pages of your blog should be enhanced to maximize conversion rate. If possible, run an A/B test so you can compare two versions of your landing page and see which between the two converts more.
  • Track and measure performance – Using your tracking tool of choice, check the conversion rate of your blog posts. For those that are converting well, apply the tactics you used on those and apply them on your latest posts, as well as those that didn’t perform very well.

2. Not using the appropriate ad platforms

Contextual ad programs like the ever-popular Google AdSense are indispensable blogging tools that allow people to earn money from clicks visitors made to these ad banners.

However, if you’re not earning as much as you want with AdSense despite the hordes of traffic coming down your blog, then it’s time to use other ad platforms to supplement your earnings. In other words, aside from just displaying ad banners on your blog, you can also use other ad programs such as:

  • Affiliate marketing – You can sell products from Commission Junction, ClickBank, Amazon Affiliates, and other affiliate program sites and earn commission from every successful sale you make on your blog.
  • In-line text ads – Sign up for an account at Chitika, Infolinks, and other platforms that offer ads within the body of your content in the form of links. This way, the ads are much visible and are actually read by your visitors as opposed to ad banners.
  • Ebook sales – Write an ebook about a topic you have lots of knowledge about and sell them on your blog.

There are a lot more that you can do to drum up your earnings from your blog, but the ones listed above should at least give you an idea that expanding your earning channels instead of banking in on a single ad platform may be the way to go.

3. Not doing enough for your mailing list

With an email list, you can deliver blog content and campaigns straight to your leads in the hopes of pushing them further down your funnel.

Using an email marketing platform like MailChimp and Aweber, you can create a signup form where visitors can input their email address so they can become part of your mailing list. From here, you can create sophisticated campaigns that push for your content and products for sale to subscribers.

However, your list won’t amount to anything if you don’t learn how to monetize your list to maximize the chances of earning through your blog. Here are some suggestions:

  • Send out regular updates to subscribers – You can set a weekly schedule when to send an email to subscribers. Content of the email may include your latest blog posts, links to content exclusive to subscribers, and links to your latest products and services.
  • Run an autoresponder campaign – An autoresponder is a great way to sell something to your audience by providing them with content they need. This type of campaign contains multiple emails that are sent out periodically to maximize the dissemination of information, which will ultimately persuade your leads into becoming customers.
  • Send out feelers every once in a while – Greet them during the holidays, on their birthdays, or whenever you have new products or services they may be interested in buying.

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