Write Wednesday, Issue No. 1

Write Wednesday, Issue No. 1

Welcome to the first issue of Write Wednesday!

The purpose of this weekly post is to feature trending and hot topics about blogging, freelance writing, and content marketing within the past week.

I will try my best to showcase not only the finest content from the most reputation sources about the topics but also from up and coming blogs that you should watch out for.

By reading the featured resources in this post, you will learn how to improve your blogging and freelance writing skills so you can get more blog visitors and clients.

Without further ado, below are the resources you must be reading now.

Content Marketing

If you want to maximize the ROI of your content, then you need to read “4 Scrappy Content Hacks for Your Marketing Toolbox” at Marketo. The post explains how utilizing content repurposing, historical content, content curation, and user-generated content can help you achieve your marketing goals for your online business.

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One of the most efficient ways to drive more traffic to your blog is newsjacking, which means to ride the wave of trending topics or latest news in your field by writing about it.  If you are not familiar with how this works, in particular, read Nash Riggins’ post “14 Tips to Newsjack Effectively with Your Content Marketing” at Small Business Trends.

Newsjacking can be a fantastic way of getting your brand in the news @nashriggins #contentmarketing Click To Tweet

Another excellent post at Small Business Trends, “5 Killer Tips for Small Businesses to Generate Better Blog Traffic” by Pratik Dhokaliya explains how businesses can make the most out of their blogs to drive more traffic to their business. The post goes in depth by explaining the important of building a content and promotions strategy to increase your target audience reach, to name a few points mentioned.


If you want to become a successful blogger, then you need to know how to use Google Analytics so you can have a better understanding of how your audience responds to the content you are putting out. In “These 3 Numbers in Google Analytics Will Help You Make Better Content” by Neil Patel at QuickSprout, you will learn the metrics that you need to observe and get the most out of your blogging efforts.

Here’s the thing about analytics: all those numbers and metrics serve a purpose. They tell a story. @neilpatel Click To Tweet

This is easy to write and blog. The devil is in writing the kind of content your readers will come back for more on your blog. In “How to Create Awesome Content People Actually Want” written by Brad Kuenn at Vertical Measures, learn why you should focus on finding the questions your readers ask every day and use content ideation tools to build topics based on those.

Writing and Freelancing

As a writer, you need to have a voice of your own to help you identify yourself from the sea of writers out there. By reading “5 Ways to Develop Your Writer’s Voice” by Jennifer Loudon at Jane Friedman, you will learn simple yet effective ways to refine your voice as a writer such as being devoted to paying attention and showing your mistakes, to name a few.

Developing your writer’s voice requires you to know yourself and reveal that self in your writing @jenlouden Click To Tweet

As writers yourselves, you may have felt the desire to write fade away. Zara DeGroot shares her disillusionment in writing after graduating from college in this heartfelt Medium entry “I can’t write anymore.” The biggest takeaway from this post? If you can’t write, write anyway.

I am sure you have writing quirks that some would find peculiar. An example of this is from a short Medium post by Jason Shah titled “A dead simple way to improve your writing.” Jason goes to great lengths to share his disdain towards the phrase “dead simple.” While it seems like a harmless topic to write about, it nonetheless helped him shape his writing voice that differentiates him from the rest.

“If you’re a freelance writer, should you focus on marketing to agencies, or should you market directly to clients?” This important question by Emma Siemasko in her post “What I Learned from Asking Marketing Agencies to Hire Me for Freelance Writing” at Skyword is something that freelancers should ask themselves when looking for work. Emma also shares her experiences working with both and breaks down their pros and cons.

Finally, to attract more clients to you freelance writing services, you need to build a compelling page that will convince them to hire you. If you do not know where to start, follow the steps Sagan Morrow shares in his post “8 tips for writing your freelance services webpage” at The Freelancers Union like mentioning what makes you different from other writers, present your pricing, and others.

If you have the latest resources about blogging, writing, and content marketing on your blog or site, feel free to share them on the comments section.

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