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Content Marketing

In this post at Jeff Bullas’s blog, you will learn six essential tips to create more valuable content. As it says, quality content may mean different things to different people. It is hard to provide a concrete definition for a quality content when various kinds of people are reading it, each having their purpose.

You better stay in the loop or get out of Google’s sight. In this post at Copyblogger, you will learn how to keep up with search engines and still preserve your time using the closed-circle content loop. It is an inbound content system that focuses on both the atomization of brand-new content and the repurposing of old content.

"Content is the heart of your online lead generation efforts. Its impact on SEO is crucial to the success of your website, and ultimately, your business. But creating enough fresh content to satisfy search engines can be tedious and time-consuming, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources." -John Jantsch

They say content has considerably evolved, from uploading our content on various article directories to creating highly targeted contents for our readers. It is not impossible for someone to think when would this all end, but in this post at Content Marketing Institute, you’ll learn that it will only change and you better be ready when it does.

Is it always all about more money, more subscribers, more traffic, and more leads? In this post at Jeff Bullas’s blog, you’ll learn about the other benefits that content marketing has. Remember to dig in more than the usual things you’ve heard about content marketing, because in there lies its real worth.

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While you know what you define as quality content, does Google define quality by the same measure? There’s quite a lot of buzz around that question, and the answer varies with your audience. Who they are tells you a lot about what you should write to interest them. Figuring out what your audience wants isn’t always easy, and not only does your content have to please your readers, it has to please Google. – Sherry Gray 

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It is said that the more inbound links you get on your blog, the better your business will be. Most companies that blog received a high number of inbound links that those who don’t, but the point is, how to make your customers read your blog? In this post at Blogging Tips, you’ll learn ten types of blog posts that should bring you more page views. 

It is easy to start a blog, but writing blog posts that will rank in Google for a lifetime is tough. In this post at Forbes, Neil Patel shares his seven tips for writing epic blog posts that will rank forever. Learn these tips by heart and make it to Google rankings in no time.

In this post at WP Superstars, you’ll learn that not only affiliate marketing, selling ad space, and selling an ebook, are not the only methods you can use to earn money from your blog. There is a ton of ways that you can use to generate income and build your brand, so start reading now to learn them one by one and turn your blog into an income generating machine.

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In conclusion, my years of experience in writing blog posts has proven to me and my followers that these seven tips actually work. Writing a blog and keeping it up takes time and hard work. But with these seven tips, you’ll be on your way to managing a blog that actually gets read — and can create easy, effective promotion for your brand. Keep my tips by your side as you write, and work on incorporating these tips into your daily writing flow. – Neil Patel

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Freelance Writing

For freelance writers, it is possible to develop a love/hate relationship with an email tracking app. You can track analytics for the emails you send since the apps use customer relationship management (CRM) which can help you improve your interactions with those whom you send your emails with. In this post at The Write Life, learn about the three email-tracking apps to consider incorporating into your pitching routine.

In this post at Skyword, Chelsea Baldwin shares that there’s always going to be something in business that you’ll need to spend money on—even if you are just a business of one. Read through the post and learn why do you have to invest in your writing career as a freelancer.

In this post by Ritika Tiwari at Write Freelance, learn how to set your rates as a freelancer basing on what you can do and how you deliver your work. Freelance writers should not be intimidated by how others work and how big the rates they set for themselves. It should always boil down to the quality you provide and rate yourself by what you deserve.

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You will often find yourself competing against writers who charge way less than your imagination. Thrikita-tiwariese are the same writers who don’t think they can provide the required quality, and hence, they lower down their rates to get more work. And often, good writers get intimidated by these low-paid writers, and they get tempted to lower their rates as well. Don’t lower your rates to get more work, set your rates and stick to them. Don’t work with clients who don’t want to pay you what you are worth. Rikita Tiwari

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