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Content Marketing

Doing content marketing is an exciting job, and it keeps getting more interesting every day. In this post at HubSpot, author Sophia Bernazzani, claims to have the latest compilation of the types of content your audience wants to see. At the end of the day, what adds to the excitement are the curious minds of our readers and their constant search for valuable content.

"And while it’s easy to get caught up in experimenting with innovative content, it’s important that we pay close attention to how our readers are changing, too." ~ Sophia Bernazzani

You might think that Google Analytics is commonly used for SEO, but little did you know, it also plays a role in the world of content marketing. In this post at KnowTechie, learn more about the some of the functions of Google Analytics that are beneficial to your content marketing strategy, as well as to your company.

Now that you have the tips on what kind of content to use, and how Google Analytics can contribute to your strategy, this post at Content Marketing Institute will provide you advice on how to measure your content effort accurately. Learn about customer journey mapping, attribution modeling, and segmentation for your content marketing effort.

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sophia-bernazzaniBased on our survey, readers are looking for original research that can be consumed thoroughly but also easily understood. Research publications should look to other trends in content marketing, such as the increased interest in visual elements, to guide their research strategy. – Sophia Bernazzani 

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In this post at Blogging Tips,  learn about Blogger Outreach and how it can be beneficial to you and your blog. Learn from the “Butter Them Up” technique of the author, Ryan Biddulph, and make connections in the industry. At the end of the day, it is not only about driving traffic and earning followers but also having a mutual relationship with those people that matters.

When it comes to engaging with our followers, we often look at Twitter or Facebook, sometimes Instagram depending on our audience. Have you thought about using Reddit to drive traffic to your site? In this post at Social Media Explorer, learn the basic steps of how to use Reddit to drive traffic to your website or blog, and to be a great factor to achieve your goals.

Now that you were able to drive more traffic and encourage more readers to read your content, it is time to at least show them your appreciation. Learn the 16 effective tips on how to reward your blog readers in this post at Aha!NOW. It is imperative to share them your success, which in the first place, is because of them.

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ravi-singhA reader decides the success for your blog. So unless you appreciate and reward your readers, you cannot move up to your blogging success.

Just like an employee in an organization needs motivation to work, in the same way, a reader needs regular motivation to keep engaged on the blog. – Ravi Singh 

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Freelance Writing

Before jumping on the bandwagon of freelance writing, read first this post at Make a Living Writing blog. Author, Carol Tice, shares to you in a brief blog post the wild promises being made to online writers about the easy riches that supposedly await them.

Some of you might find it unusual, but in this post at Shout Me Loud, the author shares how she was able to get clients for her freelance writing business using Twitter. Courtney Danyel has provided us her complete strategy she employed on Twitter, from involving herself to her niche to pitching her services to the client.

Apart from all subtopics that may arise when it comes to freelance writing, setting the fees might be the most difficult thing to decide. Given that each client has his requirement determining a price and sticking to it for all customers is very unlikely. In this post at Daily Writing Tips, read on some of the things to consider when deciding what fees to charge for your writing.

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carol-ticeEvery writer, their abilities, and their life experience, is different! This isn’t widget assembly, but a creative career.

If it were super-easy to earn $5,000 a month as a freelance writer (the claim this ‘expert’ makes), I wouldn’t get emails every week from writers who are literally starving and desperate to figure out how to earn anything beyond a pittance online. – Carol Tice  

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