Write Wednesday, Vol. 13

Write Wednesday, Vol. 13

Welcome to another edition of Write Wednesday!

Content Marketing

I think you already know the significant role Content Marketing plays in every business today. What we just need to know is how to speed up this process so that we can connect more with our users. In this post at Entrepreneur, Andrew Raso teaches you to apply agile marketing practices to crowdsource knowledge, prioritize critical tasks and know when it is time to move on.

In this post at Forbes, Noel Patel believes that the importance of reach has lessened and that effective communication now goes hand-in-hand with active engagement. He shares tips that you can apply for your social media strategy and how you can amplify the value of your content more.

Now, while we are making ourselves busy with tweaking our content and creating more value for it, I am sure that you already thought about what would be next in line. In this post at Ron Sela, learn about the forms of content and how these will eventually evolve given the state of things.

While we create content to inform and attract our audience to notice us, we all boil down to a purpose of selling them the idea about our business. In this post at Copyblogger, Pamela Wilson shares great calls to action tips to incorporate into your content that will ask your readers to do something.

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andrew-raso“Establish a mutually agreed-upon definition of “done.” This will function as a checklist to curtail unnecessary time spent on a task. Once a story has checked off every item on the list, it is considered complete. Remember that perfection is never the goal. Content’s role is to deliver value.” – Andrew Raso 

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Everyone has something to say about how easy it is to start blogging but making it a successful one is not as simple as creating the platform. In this post at Blogging Tips, Zac Johnson shares a list 0f 82 tips on how to achieve results from the experts themselves.

In this post at Problogger, learn how to use the 80/20 rule or official knows as the Pareto principle. While this law is mostly used in business to convey the message that 80% of sales typically come from 20% of the customers, it can easily be adopted as a tool for bloggers and marketers.

If you are a WordPress user, I am sure you will love this post at WPBeginner. As they say, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with more than a billion active users. Learn the ten best Facebook tips and how it can help you to maximize your reach.

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zac-johnsonIf you aren’t finding success with a blog of your own, it’s likely because you haven’t mastered the art of zoning in on your niche audience and creating the type of content they are looking for. Gone are the days of simply “creating content” and ranking in the search results. Now it’s more about “content promotion” more than “content creation.”– Zac Johnson 

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Freelance Writing

Some of us write because they say it includes money, while some took the plunge because it is their passion, a more important undertaking you may say.  This post at Jane Friedman states that being more visible to a particular audience or market is just as valuable (sometimes more valuable) than getting paid for the work, and this can be especially true for people at the start of their career.

In this post at Wealthy Web Writer, Michele Peterson shares 31 things you can do in 30 minutes or less to market your freelance web writing services. In a world where content is overflowing, and almost all believes they know how to write, create your mark and be noticed.


If you love to write and you also love to travel, then this post is for you. Learn the secrets to earning six figures in freelance travel writing in this post at Make a Living Writing and the tasks and responsibilities that came with it.

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jane-friedmanI don’t find it useful to offer a one-size-fits-all verdict on whether writers should work for free, because unless we can tie it to a particular strategy for a particular author at a particular time, it’s impossible to evaluate it properly. If writing for free leads to paying work down the road, it’s smart. If it leads to no further action, then it should be reconsidered.

I don’t believe that writing for free leads to the general or cultural expectation that writing ought to be free, or that writing has low value. As the cliche goes, you get what you pay for. Publications that have been around awhile know and understand the difference between quality work that requires payment, and everything else.”– Jane Friedman 

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