Write Wednesday, Vol. 14

Write Wednesday, Vol 14

Welcome to another edition of Write Wednesday!

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Welp, I’ve been bitten by the review bug! I am in the process of reviewing different tools that I have used throughout the years. It started with the CoSchedule Review I wrote months ago, and I’m picking where I left off with my latest review of RankWatch.

For the next few months, I will be reviewing tools like Long Tail ProSocial LockerNinja Popups, and others. The point of these reviews is to help you determine which tools you need to use to build a successful blog.

If you have suggestions of tools for me to try out and review, please send them by filling out the form on my contact page.


Content Marketing

Every day we are loaded with increasing content on the web. Thus most content marketers choose to turn to short, helpful pieces of content. In this post at Jeff Bullas’s Blog, learn how to win the conversion game through high-quality long-form content, and make your audience not only read your content but also to keep coming back for more.

When almost every business has turned to content marketing as an aid to get the best of out this digital age, it is imperative to stand out and make your content as viral as possible. In this post at Business 2 Community, learn the tips on how to create a content marketing strategy that excludes you from the rest in the industry, and produces outstanding results.

We always have the internet to tell us what’s in and what’s not when you want to be at the top of the game in content marketing. It may be something, but to have tips from the experts themselves means more. Learn about the secrets of notable content marketers as they share tips, techniques, and encouragements, in this conclusive post at Copyblogger written by Pamela Wilson.

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gaurav-kumar“Long form content typically performs better, be it on social media sites or increasing your Google rankings. However, make sure you don’t just ramble on in order to increase the word count of your article. Instead, try and provide some solutions to your readers through your content so that they eagerly wait for the next one!” – Gaurav Kumar 

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by this whole blogging thing? It may look easy at first, but it is never a smooth road throughout the journey. In this compelling post at Problogger, writer Kelly Exeter shares the dilemmas in the blogosphere and how one can do things to overcome it. Sometimes, taking a break to renew the things you once love doesn’t hurt that much especially when you’re doing it to become better.

In this post at The Social Media Hat, you’ll come to know the answer from one of the questions that you might find yourself asking – “Do I have to blog every day?”. Here you’ll answer your very own question with your business goals, assets, skill, and target audience in mind. Some things do also apply here aside from blogging, so make sure you pay attention.

This third article will surely help you if you’re presently running a business blog. In this post at Inc., journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott, shares tips that can help you keep your content fresh and allow your site to remain attractive, whether you’re posting every day or a couple of times each week.

What if your commenters and blog readers don’t get the chance to read your emails anymore since you’re in their spam folder, or what if you are being blacklisted by their email service provider? Hope this didn’t happen to you yet, but as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In this post at Adrian Jock, learn three little-known blogging issues affecting your email deliverability and how to solve them.

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kelly-exeterNot sure what your endgame is? Focus on a shorter-term goal instead. The same principle applies. The antidote for any feeling of overwhelm is prioritisation. So, look at your to-do list, zero in on what you know will take you closer to your goal, and ditch the rest—at least for now.” – Kelly Exeter 

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Freelance Writing

In this post at About Freelance Writing, Anne Wayman will introduce you to the kinds of freelance writing jobs you might take. If you’re not careful, you may agree to a gig that turns out badly, or if you’re not familiar with the various kinds of freelance writing jobs available, you are likely to miss something that you’d love and pays well.

When you decided to be a freelance writer, you also get to choose the niche you will be targeting to get gigs and clients. Arriving at a decision to become a freelance writer is not easy, but finding a niche where you’ll devote your whole life is even harder. In this post at Skyword, read the tips in the search for the freelance writing niche of your dreams.

Being a freelance writer doesn’t end from knowing how to write, this job continues from building your client base to sustaining them.  In this compelling post by Bethany Johnson at Skyword, she shares how she started with almost nothing to being the primary persona of her brand. At first, it is not how many clients you have and how big the pay is, but it is about building the trust and creating a powerful portfolio.

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erin-olila“If you’re just starting out as a freelance writer, or even if you’ve built a strong portfolio but are hearing this advice for the first time, the idea of choosing a niche might stress you out. For some, it might feel like hamstringing your potential. But the fact is, if you approach niche-building as a process that happens over time, you’ll come to find that it’s a strength, not a weakness. I’m not here to help find a way for you to skirt the issue of finding a niche. I’m here to remind you not to rush into finding one.”  Erin Ollila  

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