Write Wednesday, Vol. 15

Write Wednesday, Vol. 15

Welcome to another edition of Write Wednesday!

Content Marketing

In this world absorbed by bloggers creating a handful of content for them to matter, be smart and use content pillars. They are lengthy, information-heavy pieces of content. They can be about anything and can take the form of just about any long-form content type. In this post at JeffBullas.com, learn about content pillars and how they can make you a step closer to your audience, as well as to Google.

When you’re creating content for a long time now, it is possible that you already have your content essentials. This post at Content Marketing Institute will introduce you to these pieces of content that work well in many situations. In short, they are the best version of your brand. Content essentials don’t need to be only blog posts; they can be e-books, videos, or any other type. They are the pieces that your audience loves time and time again. I know your thinking, do you already have them?

In this post at Social Media Hat, dwell on the content journey. Learn how to make the most of every piece of content through 52 illustrations, created by the Dribble Designers from around the globe, guiding you from creation to conversion.

Of course, your content is not only visible on your blog or website, but it is should also have its presence in social media. Content marketers are now following social media advice from the experts. In this post at Maximize Social Business, learn how to harness your social content to push your brand one step closer to the sales cycle through this four killer tips.

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 michele-linn“Content essentials are those pieces of content that work well in many situations. In short, they are the best version of your brand. Another way to look at it: Your content essentials are the 20% of your content that gives you 80% of results.

 Use your content essentials where they are most relevant, and while your loyal audience may see them time-and-time again, you’ll impress the new people you meet. (And, wouldn’t you rather wear a great outfit you have worn before rather than something “meh” that people haven’t seen?)” – Michele Linn 

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Today, blogs are used for different purposes, and it is the perfect platform to reach your audience, thus the need to promoting it.With this platform providing us endless opportunities, we should indeed focus on how to make it grow. In this post at AeroLeads, learn some the seven quick and actionable tips that will help you to promote your blog successfully.

Speaking of opportunities in the first subject of Blogging in today’s Write Wednesday, this post at Blogging Tips will provide you criteria in deciding whether to take down an opportunity or not. Ask yourself the questions cited here and assess if you’ll be getting what you need considering the other party’s want.

To cap off today’s blogging section, let me share you this post at Problogger. It tells you about the quickest way on how to build trust online. You may have successfully promoted your blog, but there’s still trust that you need to earn. Before your audience thinks to be your loyal readers, they will search your brand for being trustworthy first.

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vegh-jagadsih “Blogs are a great way to keep an audience engaged and start a conversation. In today’s world, blogs are used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), link building, building email lists, and for much more. Having high importance, the need to promote blogs holds utmost significance.

The vital objective of a blog is to attract and engage an audience. Even the best piece of content requires the right promotion, to begin with. Promoting your blog does not necessarily require you to setup advertisements.– Vedh Jagadish 

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Freelance Writing

If you’re a new guy in the field of freelance writing and you think that there is no one you can rely on to get started, then this post might be for you. In this post at About Freelance Writing, dig into your passion and start making the wheel moving through this tips. Remember that having contacts doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you have a plan of your own.

In this post at Elna Cain, learn how to add value to your content to increase your freelance writing rate. As they say, anybody can write as long as you know what you’re writing, but the vital part is when you need to get your client like what you wrote. That’s the time the value of your content will increase, and you as well as a freelance writer.

This last article to end our Write Wednesday in Freelance Writing will be something to get you by. In this post at Just Kanchana, learn about the valuable things a freelance writer was able to get in his years as a freelance writer. We might not see it at first, but everything comes with a purpose.

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elna-cain“Online content is special if you don’t realize that already.

When you read a blog post, it’s much more different than reading a page out of a book or your morning newspaper article. And if you want to be a freelance writer online, you need to know what clients want.

Typically, it’s valuable content that can help them grow their business in some way. And when you can deliver that type of content to your clients, whoa! YOUR VALUE goes way up too.– Elna Cain 

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