Write Wednesday, Vol. 16

Write Wednesday, Vol. 16

Welcome to another edition of Write Wednesday!

Content Marketing

We all know how vital the roles of SEO and Content Marketing are in making success stories for our brand. Many marketers and business owners struggle to decide on what aspect they should focus on. In this post at NoPassiveIncome, learn how to merge this two tactics and grow your website traffic, and gain high-quality visitors and leads.

Creating content doesn’t end in just writing or producing it; there is still one factor that you have to consider – make it scannable. A scannable content is short, sweet and to the point. Sentences and paragraphs are brief. Bold text and bullet points highlight key points. Links to other content are used to provide your readers with supplemental information. In this post at Quick Sprout, learn how the step-by-step guide to making your readers more drawn with your content.

Would anyone miss your content if you did not publish it? This question was claimed to be the only content marketing question you should ask according to this post at Content Marketing Institute. Author, Michele Linn, introduce as to the concept of content anticipation, though this isn’t something on which most marketers are focused.

Before we end our post for Content Marketing this Write Wednesday, let me share another set of must-know content marketing tips for businesses to take advantage of. In this post at RealBusiness, learn difference tactics and how to increase your exposure using all kinds of digital marketing platforms.

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neil-patel” You need to become adept at writing scannable content. This is what the modern digital reader is looking for (whether they consciously know it or not).What exactly is scannable content?According to Forbes,  “scannable content is short, sweet and to the point. Sentences and paragraphs are brief. Bold text and bullet points highlight key points. Links to other content are used to provide your readers with supplemental information.”  – Neil Patel 

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For those of you who runs a business blog, you’ll find this post at Business 2 Community, informative and helpful. Unlike other blogs which are focused on personal enjoyment or human interest, business blogs are more on the technical part. Learn the tips on how to start a business blog that can gain and engage with your audience to market your brand in this post.

Now, if you are thinking to quit blogging, know that you are not alone. There are a lot of factors that matter in this thought which will be discussed in this post at Marketing Land. Learn why bloggers give up, and also find out how you can stay on track. Keep in mind that great things do not come easy.

Author, Glenn Leibowitz, shares his conversation with Neil Patel in his podcast, Write With ImpactIn this post at Inc., the last shares his strategies for crafting blog posts that get read –and shared –by readers. He also shared some significant changes to the format, length, and frequency of his posts that he’s about to roll-out on his blogs.

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timothy-carter“Blogging is challenging — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But as they say, nothing worth having comes easy. If you’re going to take the time to launch and grow a blog, you can’t afford to give up prematurely.”  – Timothy Carter 

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Freelance Writing

In today’s freelance writing posts, let’s focus on the dilemmas we get in our freelance writing careers. To start, read this post at CopyBlogger, and enjoy the challenge on how to sharpen your writing skills. This challenge won’t even make you think it is a dare, but just a way for you to improve while having fun!

Next stop is beating your rivals and getting more freelancing jobs. In this post at TheWorkAtHomeWife.com, learn some of the things you can do to gain more clients and make yourself stand out from the other freelance writers.

To end today’s Write Wednesday for Freelance Writing, take the time to read this post at About Freelance Writing. It is not easy to accept complaints about your writing and the way you deliver your content. Learn how to handle criticism well, take some thought, confidence, and even planning.

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anne-wayman“If someone says something awful, or otherwise indicates they don’t like what you’ve written, the first thing to do is take a deep breath or two and ground yourself. Know that every writer – yes every single writer who dares to put themselves out there to readers will have to handle criticism from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for a popular blog or magazine and your work is seen by thousands, or you share the poem you just wrote with a loved one, you open yourself to others in a way few people do. Some of your readers are apt to tell you, one way or another, they think you’ve done a poor job.

It may help to remember that there has never been a piece of writing that couldn’t be improved. Okay, I have no idea how to prove that sentiment but I firmly believe it. ”  – Anne Wayman 

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