Write Wednesday, Vol. 17

Write Wednesday, Vol. 17

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So, a White Wednesday on a Friday?

I know, I know. We were late in delivering the post for this week. Our bad 🙂

However, there is a deeper reason that explains our lack of attention for this series, which just dawned on me early this week.

The purpose of Write Wednesday is to educate aspiring writers on how to establish a freelance career or a blog by curating the week’s best posts.

However, after talking to Tor Refsland of Time Management Chef, I have decided to stop the Write Wednesday series on this blog.

Rest assured; I will find a new home for Write Wednesday on a different site, which is currently being developed.

I cannot spill the beans yet about the changes that this blog will undergo, but this is all I can say for the time being.

Thanks to May for taking over the Write Wednesday series and finding the best weekly posts that writers and bloggers will find useful.

Until then, please enjoy the last Write Wednesday post (for now).

-Christopher Jan Benitez


Content Marketing

To start our Content Marketing section in today’s Write Wednesday, let’s explore on how to create content that your target audience will surely love in this post at MOZ. We all don’t want to be designing, creating, and sharing content that reaches the wrong audience, right?

No doubt that a video is one of the most efficient ways of sending a brand’s message since our culture has now become more and more visual. In this post at Social Media Today, writer Colin Marchon, provides four ways to create engaging video content from still images.

Most businesses now preferred using content marketing to make their brands grow more. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, increase engagement, and enhance brand visibility, while you execute your content marketing plan in this post at Entrepreneur India.

Before we end our Content Marketing section, let me share you this post at Mention, and provide you (yet again) the tips on how you can maximize the results of your content marketing campaign using four effective strategies. Remember that with the right policies; your campaign can be as successful as you want it to be. Good luck!

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” If you want to ensure that the right audience consumes the content you design, create and share, you have to “hunt” where they are. But to do so successfully, you must first know what they desire in the way of bait (content). ”  – Ronell Smith 

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Let’s start off today’s Write Wednesday with tips for the newbies on the block. In this post at ProBlogger, learn how to throw away that fear and focus on creating a successful blog. Dwell into the world of blogging as ProBlogger psychology expert, Ellen Jackson, shares her personal blogging experience and tips as you go on through this journey.

A lot of bloggers do also have their 9-5 jobs, and all of us will have to agree that blogging requires time and attention. In another compelling post at ProBlogger, Larry Alton shares tips and tricks on how to make time for blogging during your lunch break. You can still enjoy your food, I promise.

But, what if lunch time is still not enough? And you want to create content that can be useful to your audience? Let me share you the post at Mark Schaefer, our last article for the blogging section today and learn 25 ways to find the time and create your content.

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“I’ve never met a person who says they have too much time, especially when it comes to creating content!

But here’s a fact: successful bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters have the same number of hours in a day as you. Everybody has the same time to create content, but not everybody makes it a priority. The real question isn’t having the time, it’s whether you have the tenacity and drive to do it … and keep doing it.”  – Mark Schaefer 

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Freelance Writing

Today’s first article for the Freelance Writing section is dedicated for the newbies on the block too! In this post by Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing, learn the basic FAQs and free your mind from worries about the types, taxes, and even talking with your client about his requirements.

Now that we’ve covered some basic freelance writing FAQs let’s move on to improving the writing skills. In this post by Rupeto, learn how to develop such skills and wow your client with these ten ways. Remember that all the great ones didn’t start to be already at their best, they too experienced this sometime in their lives.

From personal growth, I would like to introduce you to this post at Writing Revolt. It shares everything about cold emailing and how big its effect on your business. There’s no guarantee that this will also work for you, but read this article and find freelancers who also share their success using the method.

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“I’m hoping the information I’ve shared above provides a comprehensive answer to the “What is freelance writing?” question. This is a career you create by taking action to find clients — and the income can range from a little monthly mad money to six figures and more, depending on your drive and your talent.”  – Carol Tice 

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