Write Wednesday, Vol. 2


Welcome to the second edition of Write Wednesday!

It’s that time of the week where I feature the best and most trends posts about content marketing, blogging, and freelance writers that you should read to help improve your  skills.

This post is published a bit later than usual —I’m still getting used to publishing a weekly post! Nonetheless, expect quality post from the influential bloggers and writers you may not have heard of.

Now, onto the post!

Content Marketing

Since people love food (who doesn’t?), OneSpot presented this yummy infographic at Marketing Profs that explains the different foods and ingredients that had the most engagement with the audience. While not necessarily related to writing and blogging, the infographic proves how effective visual content is when presented with a clear message in mind.

Content marketing can be applied to help you build a sustainable and profitable freelance writing career by keeping three things in mind: understanding your clients, valuing your skills, and building relationships with influencers. Jason Quey at Make a Living Writing expounds on these three foundations in this post to help you generate a steady income as a freelance writer.

The cliche “content is king” has become a tired adage to the undeniable power of content. However, without a governing strategy to creating high-quality articles and images for your site, content is merely a court jester, says Dan Blacharski in this post at Entrepreneur. As writers, you need to put premium in your writing by first understanding the needs of businesses with regard to content instead of churning out hundreds of articles in a day, if that’s even possible.

Dan Blacharski“Those articles should be designed to make you look good. They should highlight your unique value, thought leadership about your industry and go beyond the generic wisdom and obvious platitudes that are so common in SEO articles. And the articles need to do all of this while still being vendor-neutral and maintaining a sense of journalistic integrity.” – Dan Blacharski (Click Here to Tweet!)


I am a fan of Ryan Biddulph‘s simple and practical tips to blogging. After all, the best way to succeed as a blogger is by doing the most honest things possible to achieve your goal, as Ryan has throughout his career. This post about marketing your blog is Ryan in a nutshell — deceptively simple and extremely useful. If you can retweet the posts of other bloggers and comment on their blogs just like Ryan does, you can drive more traffic to yours.

It’s one thing to attract blog visitors; it’s another to make them stay, if not come back for more. In this post by master blogger/marketer Neil Patel, he breaks down the psychology behind what makes fair-weather visitors your loyal audiences.  Tips, like creating personalized experiences and limiting the number of choices on your blog, can make a huge difference in how visitors perceive your blog.

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Every blogger has an idea, but it doesn’t mean it’s a great one. This is why it is always best if the ideas come from the best of the best. Raelyn Tan takes her time to collect answers from the top 101 (!!) bloggers and marketers with the most readers and followers about website optimization, traffic building, list building, and other tips newbie bloggers need to know in this post.

Writing and Freelancing

Even if you are not a fan of US politics, there is a lot to like in Michelle Obama’s speech yesterday at the Democratic National Party. Ponyter breaks down the speech and analyzes why it was considered as one of the best convention speeches in a decade. Small things like using pronouns in different persons to create specific effects and expressing your best thought in a simple sentence can help improve the clarity of your writing.

Web content writing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. The way you target specific keywords for each of your content and developing visual content to supplement your written words will help you produce a more compelling piece of content that will engage your readers. For more tips, read this excellent post by Allan Tanoemarga at Bornevia Three Point O.

The legacy of Ernest Hemingway resonates to this very day. His simple yet dense prose is often imitated but never duplicated. Despite having lived a short life and robbed his readers of more literary works, Hemingway lives through the sage advice he has imparted during his lifetime. Emma Oulton takes the eight best writing tips from the master himself in this post at Bustle that writers can turn to for inspiration.

As freelancers, you will reach a point in your career where you are glued to your seat and slaving away to your clients for hours straight. Next thing you know, you have gained weight, you lost contact with your friends, and you haven’t left your home in a month. To avoid this stage as a freelancer, you need to follow the tips featured in this post by Gina Topley at Social Studio Shop.

Thanks for reading this post! If you have your own posts about blogging, freelance writing, and content marketing that you like to share, please leave a comment below with a link to your post.

I’d like to make this a weekly thing where readers can also share small victories like a post that they think other readers will find useful.

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