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I will curate for you the best and most trending content marketing, blogging, and freelance writing posts published this past week so you can improve your skills and boost your freelance and blogging careers.

Before we proceed with the posts, a couple of updates about my blog:

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  • I have been extensively using CoSchedule as part of my desire to increase my blogging productivity. But before I use up my trial period, I plan on publishing my no holds barred review about the tool before the end of the week. Watch out for it!
  • I have recently purchased Ninja Popups to help me boost my email list. I am torn about using opt-in forms and popups as they disrupt the user experience and may leave a bad taste in the mouth for some visitors. That is the reason why I stopped using SumoMe (aside from the fact that it slows down my site). Using Ninja Popups, I intend to mix things up until I find the sweet spot where I am able to increase my email list without the popups intruding your reading experience. Until then, sorry for the inconveniences the popups may bring you.

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Content Marketing

The last thing I want to share with everyone is something related to Pokémon GO. Hundreds of thought pieces and news updates are published about this phenomenon every day. However, if you have played the game, there is an addictive quality to it that rings true to how you must approach your content marketing. In this article by Claire Trevien at Digital Doughnut, you need to balance proactivity and patience with your content strategy, just like when hunting and catching Pokémons.

If you are a blogger or a freelance writer, then you are a business in and of itself. Therefore, you need to treat and conduct yourself like a boss to make your business work. That includes finding the best ways to be seen and found by your audience. Jeff Charles lists down the five content marketing tips that every solopreneur needs to know at Small Business Trends such as not creating lousy content, outsourcing your work, and others.

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Jeff Charles on Write Wednesday“[J]ust like any other kind of marketing technique, it has to be done right. You can’t just throw a website up with any old type of content and expect people to be eager to read it. Quite the contrary, you will usually have to try harder to get people to pay any attention to you, since they are bombarded with free information all the time. It is your job to stand out from the cacophony of content.”Jeff Charles

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I am sure you are aware that starting a blog is important if you want to build a career off of writing. However, in case you need a refresher course, this post by Nile Flores at Blondish Rockstar should help you decide whether blogging is for you or not. The post also reminds you why you are blogging in the first place with reasons such as building trust and authority in your niche, connect with other people, and more.

Are you aware of the global laws that govern bloggers? For example, establishing terms of use for your blog sets the tone on how your readers should and use your unique content. Also, you need to consider consumer protection if your users buy something on your blog, so they know what to expect when purchasing from you. These things are covered in this post by Jeanette Jifkins at ProBlogger to protect yourself from potential legal trouble in the future.

While there are no rules on how long your blog post should be, there are good reasons why long-form content is how most bloggers choose to go. Amie Marsh lists down the top eight reasons at Small Business Trends such as lower costs for inbound marketing, more sustainable content (evergreen), more backlinks and organic traffic, and more.

Lots of posts cover different ways to promote your blog post. Sometimes, the methods get too overcomplicated that you do not get to do them at all. As an alternative, David Leonhardt shares to you 111 (!) easy ways to drive traffic to your blog. It does not teach you the exact ways on how to do them, but it shares basic one-liner tips to help you think outside the box and approach blog promotions from a wholistic point of view.

Back in the day, you can gamify your blog’s search rankings by implementing shady SEO tactics. However, what works nowadays is establishing a brand that your audience can relate to. By building a deeper relationship with your readers through compelling content, you can encourage them to become your customers. Jawad Khan has more about using your blog as a branding tool in this post at Business 2 Community.

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Jawad Khan on Write Wednesday“You need to have a credible brand image and a long term marketing approach in order to take real benefit from the opportunities available online.

“And this is where blogging comes in.

“From entrepreneurs like Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas to online tools like the BufferApp, thousands of freelancers and businesses are using their blog content to stand out from the crowd and build a much deeper connection with their target market.”Jawad Khan

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Freelance writing

I have said it before and will say it again — at the very heart of blogging is your ability to communicate your ideas and thoughts to readers. Every successful blog needs to be able to make the reading experience seamless for visitors for them keep coming back for more. If you are having problems in doing this, you need to choose words that of readers can visualize to make it truly effective. As shared in this post by Henneke Duistermaat at CopyBlogger, using figures or speech and sensory words help flesh out your ideas and make for a more compelling read.

Storytelling is intrinsic in every art form, and writing is no exception. For storytelling advice, look no further than Disney Pixar story consultant Matthew Luhn. He offers excellent storytelling tips in this post at Gamasutra. While it is intended for gamers, the post nonetheless resonates with writers as Matthew discusses the importance of having a hook, undergoing character change, and building a connection with your audience, all of which can form the foundation of good writing.

"Linear storytelling tells a story to the audience. Interactive storytelling delivers a sense of story for the audience." -Matthew Luhn

Speaking of engagement, one of the biggest problems writers face is the ability to make authentic discussions with your audience via social media. This particular channel is important for writers if you want to attract more clients or get more of your readers to interact with your content. Jeff Bullas once again discuss the kinds of words that you need to mention in your social campaigns in this post to get the engagement you need and deserve.

Much of the success attained by freelance writers has to do with their discipline and how organized they are not only in managing their clients but also their workplaces. Take a cue from this article written by Will Lipovsky at Due.com as he discusses the advantages of a clutter-free environment at home optimized for work and using the best hardware possible, among others.

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