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Welcome to another edition of Write Wednesday!

Before we kick off with another round of the best content marketing, blogging, and freelance writing posts for the past week, below are a couple of updates about this blog:

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  • I published arguably the most comprehensive and insightful CoSchedule review online. On the surface, the tool is a marketing calendar where you can manage all your posts in a drag and drop editorial calendar and schedule your social media messages about the post on your profiles even before publishing the post. There’s a lot to delve into CoSchedule and you need to read my review to see if this tool is something you should use or not.
  • I am developing a post on how to identify the best blogging goals that you need to set for your blog. It will come out on Friday earliest. That is if I can finish it by then 🙂

Now that’s out of the way, let’s proceed with the links, shall we?

Content marketing

It is easy to get content marketing wrong. There are a lot of factors that go into developing and creating a strategy to ensure that your content gets disseminated properly to your chosen channels. As a result, you may not be getting the most out of your content marketing. In this excellent post by Chirag Kulkarni at Entrepreneur, he lists down the possible mistakes you are making with your content marketing such as not proofreading your work and not writing in-depth articles, for starters.

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Chirag Kulkarni“Content marketing, if done correctly, can be one of the most profitable customer acquisition channels for your business. But the reality is nothing comes without hard work and dedication and that’s what you can do to succeed in content marketing, especially by avoiding mistakes that I have made.”Chirag Kulkarni

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To complement the post above, Jomer Gregorio provides actionable steps in his post at CJG Digital Marketing on how to develop a better and more solid content marketing strategy to help get your posts to a great number of people. My favorite in his list is influencer marketing as it allows you to build connections with popular people within your industry and leverage your relationship to get them to share your content.

"In this ever-changing digital world, content marketing, combined with the power of social media outreach, link building, and SEO is necessary to bring in the positive results plays a large role in any digital marketing efforts." - Jomer Gregorio

You may have heard of Gen X and Y, but have you heard of Gen C? Also known as Generation of Connected Consumers, they are willing to create, curate, and interact with online content. This generation is something that you may want to tap into if you are a blogger or writer that speaks to this audience. If you are not familiar with how to target this group, check this post by John Anderson at SiteProNews as he shares the method to tapping into the interest of your Gen C audience.


Using controversy in content is, well, controversial in and of itself. There is a price to pay for being too controversial but there are benefits as well. The important thing here is to balance attention-grabbing content without being offensive to your target audience. Kerry Jones wrote a post at Marketing Land on how you can do exactly that such as giving your readers something to talk about, determining how polarizing your brand is, and more.

When creating content for your blog, it is easy to lose sight of your objectives by following the hottest and latest trends to dictate your content strategy. However, it is more important to determine your target personas so you can create relevant content to your readers and increase site performance and engagement. India White showed an example at Convince and Convert on how she researched target personas of her favorite show to help her develop a more personal content strategy.

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India White“Creating content and distributing it is something almost anyone can do. As a content strategist, when I stumble across a piece of content (that I wasn’t looking for) that I love, I want to reach out to the content team behind that piece to hug them and say, “Thank you, and congratulations!” To do this—to create the right content that resonates with the ideal persona within your target audience and place it where they want to see it—you need relevance.” – India White

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“Growth hacking” is a phrase thrown a lot lately and with good reason. Since startups and small business cannot match the deep pockets of big businesses in running a blog, they need to be creative and think outside the box to hang with their competitors. In this post by Hansen Hunt at Business 2 Community, he shares growth hacking tactics that the small-time bloggers can play the game of growing their brand online. Examples mentioned are targeting long-tail keywords, embedding shareable content to increase engagement and more.

Freelance writing

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between writers and bicycle? In this post by Maria Popova at Brain Pickings, she connects the role of bicycles in the successes of not only Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, but also literary giants like Leo Tolstoy, Henry Miller, and others. The post explains how cycling helps beat writer’s block and keeps the creative juices flowing.

Speaking of writer’s block, Jeff Goins believes that it is just a made-up term to explain the different factors that are preventing you from writing effectively. He explains in this post the importance of identifying what keeps you from writing and find a solution so you can proceed with writing.

What does it mean to be a “writer?” Former intelligence analyst and whistleblower Chelsea Manning does not consider herself one despite having written multiple times for The Guardian. However, she admits in her Medium blog post that she is compelled to share her story as a prisoner and transgender. The opportunity to share your story with your audience is what drives people to write even though they are not writers in the strictest sense.

Some writers are more successful than others because they have traits that allow for success to take place. Your personality plays a significant role in how to manage your writing clients and projects, as well as your ability to get the job done. Read this post by Carol Tice to learn the traits that will give you the highest chances to succeed as a freelance writer. Some of the traits include the love of learning, inner confidence, boldness, and more.

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Carol Tice“I usually like to be all upbeat and positive, and always want to encourage writers to get out there and do it. But if you’re an undisciplined, incurious prima donna who’s quick to snap at people, the freelance writing life may not be for you.

“The good news is, you can cultivate the traits that make for freelance writing success. My recommendation is to pick one trait a week and focus on it, thinking and journaling about ways you could develop more of that quality.”Carol Tice

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