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  • Publishing has been slow these past few weeks, as I’m trying to strike the perfect balance between writing for clients and writing on my blog. It is a struggle especially if you have little¬†to no help around (or at least a strategy to help me remain productive at all times). However, everything with smooth out starting next week as I start publishing weekly posts on how to help you become a better writer and blogger. I promise ūüôā
  • Are you aware of blogger outreach but have yet to fully implement it on your blog? If yes, stay tuned to this blog next week as I publish the basics of blogger outreach as I will tackle¬†the tips, tactics, and tools that you need to implement and use to drive more traffic to your blog posts and get into the good graces of influencers within your niche.

Content Marketing

Doing content marketing is no simple job. Britany Berger, Content Marketing and PR Manager, shares her content marketing swipe file. in this post at Social Media Today. From strategy and productivity to lead nurturing and SEO, she has the cheat sheets, ebooks, and guides to get help where you need it. The resources in which she claimed to help her be a better content marketer.

Sometimes, no matter how much time you allot in writing, it is still not enough and you feel it’s time to stop. Columnist Patrick Armitage shares his writing inspirations and what content marketers should consider before putting their thoughts into words in this compelling post at Marketing Land.¬†Quitting will never be an option.

Content Marketing is the wave of the future. Though this massively effective approach is being used by almost every company and industry in the world, many marketers still don’t understand why. This Content Marketing Institute article written by Julia McCoy provides then statistics that will prove the claim that content marketing remains to be the best way to reach your target audience.

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Julia McCoy

“Less expensive, efficient, compelling, and highly customizable, content marketing caters to virtually all businesses and all industries.¬†From blog posts to infographics and everything in between, creating unique, consistent, and truly useful content is the No. 1 way to connect with your audience on the most effective level.” – Julia McCoy

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Glenn Leibowitz’ posts¬†have attracted over a million views and tens of thousands of likes, comments, and social shares. From conceiving, writing, editing, publishing, and sharing blog posts, he’s all done it. Last year, he¬†was selected as one of LinkedIn¬†Top Voices in marketing and social media and now shares his then tips for writing LinkedIn blog posts that he believes to expand one’s influence. Learn how you can do this by reading his post on Inc.

Web browser push notifications let you stay in touch with your blog visitors even though they didn’t subscribe to your newsletter. This method will help you to¬†stay top of mind with people who are interested in your content, but aren‚Äôt ready to give you their email address.¬†Web browser push notifications are also effective due to increased click-through rates, which PushCrew reports could be as high as¬†12.55%. Read how you can implement push notifications on your blog in this comprehensive post by Tamas Torok at Social Media Examiner.

"Push notifications are additions to, rather than competition for, email newsletters. Newsletters and push notifications both play different roles in the reader’s journey, but the intention is the same: keep your readers coming back and consuming more content." #WriteWednesday

Blogging has proven to boost a business’s visibility, position one as industry experts, and convert readers into prospects. But there is more to blogging than just creating content and posting it for the world to see. Beginners and even intermediate bloggers will surely benefit from this post written by Lolly Spindler at Xoombi as she discusses the blogging mistakes that even veterans tend to make.

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Lolly Spindler

“My advice is to first write down all of those ideas; do a brain dump of all the post topics that come into your head. Next, with your target audience in mind, be a bit more critical and separate your posts into starters and bench players. Your starters are ideas you know your audience will find valuable, whereas your bench players are ideas that might need additional massaging. This is when an app like¬†Trello can really come in handy.” –¬†Lolly Spindler

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Freelance Writing

When looking for jobs as a freelancer, you want to get hired by employers who will help you become the best freelancer you can possibly become. Simple things like scheduling brief working sessions with you or providing strategy and giving feedback to your input can go a long way. The Young Entrepreneur Council tackles these things and more in this post at Small Business Trends.

The idea of freelancing is tempting – from the flexible hours to enjoying a workspace in the comfort of your own home. Now, when you’re decided to take that leap and start a whole new career in freelancing, the tips listed in the article might just be well suited for you. Read on six simple tips to help you transition from the corporate world to the world of freelancing in this post by Jay Pasana at¬†Virtual Assistant.

While freelance writing, you will eventually determine the niche that you want to specialize in. You will have to figure out first the topics you are good at and the ones you are not. At the same time, you need to consider the audience you want to target. It is possible that the topics you are good at writing do not have a wide readership. Therefore, you need to balance your interests and the target audience of a topic to find the sweet spot when pitching to clients. Tara Bosler breaks down the entire process of finding out your niche as a writing in this post.

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tara bosler“Choosing your niche may be based on a topic, or it may be based on a demographic. Perhaps you have expertise in a certain field like sales, real estate, fashion, or event planning about which you would just love to write high-quality expert articles. Those are all topic-based niches. Demographic-centered niche examples are parents of special needs children, beginner photographers, or mid-life career changers.

“Either way, your niche should be your expertise plus your passion.”¬†Tara Bosler

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