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  • I recently published a post about blogger outreach. The post tackles the best practices on how to find influencers and send them emails, as well as the tools you should use to make your job easier. You can read the post by clicking here.
  • One of the biggest issues that bloggers have to deal with is promoting their posts to different channels. Not all bloggers are good at marketing their work, which is vital if you want to get more readers to their blog. Given this problem, I am currently developing a post to be published next week that lists down 19 sites where you can promote your latest blog posts and how you can use each. Stay tuned!

Content Marketing

We’ve all heard how great content marketing is, and no one will argue how beneficial it is to one’s business. However, there are also setbacks that may occur during the process. These problems range from the cost to make an awesome content on an on-going basis to the cost to promote that content,  not to mention if the ROI of the content may not validate the cost. In this post at Entrepreneur, you will learn the dark side of content marketing.

Before the Content Marketing World 2016 conference concludes on September 9, Lee Odden provides you the 50 top content marketing influencers in this post at TopRank Marketing Blog. In total, there are over 150 speakers at Content Marketing World. We can say that each has spent numerous hours researching, planning, and crafting their presentation, which makes this conference more exciting.

A lack of a consistent or integrated content strategy has a significant effect on your business. Do not be overwhelmed with all the information available online, and focus on these five content marketing strategies shared by Entrepreneur in this post. These strategies will help you head to a straight path and grow your business.

Everyone can make their content, but not all of them will get the same success rate. Each writer follows their process, which is why some need a checklist to ensure that all the steps in a successful content creation have been taken. In this post at Content Marketing Institute, Ahava Leibtag shares the Creating Valuable Content™ Checklist. The list is designed for digital content creators and marketing teams.

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Ahava Leibtag

Great content strategy is all about taking the guesswork out of execution, so that creative content can flourish. – Ahava Leibtag

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Guest blogging might not be as effective as it was before in the early days regarding SEO, it is still one of the best options to build brand exposure and expand the reach of your products. It is still an excellent strategy to be known in your niche and grow your audience by attracting traffic from guest blogs. In this post by BloggingPro, you’ll learn some actionable guest blogging strategies ranging from finding authoritative guest blogs to publishing guest articles.This will also include some free tools that could speed up the whole guest blogging process.

"Guest blogging isn’t dead. Though it might not be as effective as in the early days in terms of SEO, it is still a great strategy to become an authority in your niche and to grow a massive audience by attracting traffic from guest blogs."

In today’s blogging landscape, blogging is easy but building your blog traffic is tough. It takes time, persistence, and — for many bloggers — simple trial and error. Building an engaged and vibrant blog readership one of the best ways to safeguard against changing trends and shifts in the social media landscape. Read on the few tips on this post at Business 2 Community on how to get started and maintain your readership from top fashion influencers Pam Hetlinger, the blogger behind The Girl From Panama, and Diane Coletta of Petite in Paris.

A blog is one layer in a broad spectrum of inbound marketing techniques used to build momentum for business. There are many ways to utilize your blog, but one of the useful ones is conducting periodic interviews with influencers in your industry.  Read the tips from Problogger to help you gain a clear sense of how to leverage your blog with influencer interviews that will keep your readers coming back for more in this post.

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Jerry Low

Influencer interviews can be highly rewarding if your objective is to grow your blog and increase your readership. When you put in the footwork to make an influencer interview happen, you could also create and strengthen invaluable connections. – Jerry Low

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Freelance Writing

In this post at Working Writer’s Coach, Suzanne Lieurance teaches you how to overcome fear and pursue the freelancing career you always dreamed of. Lieurance is a freelancer writer, the author of 30 published books and the Working Writer’s Coach. She shares all the things why one is keeping himself to being a freelance writer. Do you also want to be a Freelance Writer, but has a lot of thoughts about going all the way? This post might just be for you!

Amandah Wood, founder and editor of Ways We Work, shares the opportunities which may come knocking at your door when you write about your work online. In this post at Medium, Wood teaches you how to take that leap and be able to make your career grow to where you want it to be. I know this might sound another task to stuff in your growing list of to do’s, but aside from getting opportunities from this, you also get to reflect on our job and what you feel about it.

Elizabeth Spiers, founder of The Insurrection and publisher of There is Only R, shares tips on how to make it as a freelance writer at this post at Medium. From the handling finances to time management, she captures every area of the job. Spiers also touched the process behind looking for vacancies and finding the right fit for you. However, she reiterated that the advice is intended for people who are not independently wealthy and have to work on their way to earn for themselves.

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Elizabeth Spiers

My advice has always been to figure out how to pay your minimum bills first and take any work that will allow you to do that in the least amount of time for the highest amount of money. This gig is your anchor gig. – Elizabeth Spiers

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