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Content Marketing

According to Hubspot, a reader takes less than 15 seconds to decide whether or not the content is worth reading. In this post at TopRank Marketing Blog, you’ll find out the series of subconscious questions your readers ask as they’re contemplating reading your content. Remember that it only takes 15 seconds to catch your readers’ attention, so waste no time!

It’s hard to let go of something which you’ve put your whole heart into. In this world of content marketing, the journey of a content doesn’t stop on how beautiful or well written or cutting edge it may be, it’s only the beginning. Remember that we should also pay attention to how the content that gets created performs. In this post at Business 2 Community, you’ll be taught that one should be willing to adjust and sacrifice parts of his work when the numbers dictate that he should.

With all the materials posted now online, it is a tough job to achieve right results for your content marketing and actually maintain it. In this post at Digitalist Magazine, read about the seven ways you can improve your content marketing strategy. Remember that publishing content is not only for the sake of publishing, and it is very unlikely that you’ll achieve your marketing objectives with this method.

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john-millerSo don’t get wrapped up in the high fives you get from colleagues and friends. Don’t focus too much on winning awards. Don’t fall in love with the content just for the content’s sake, no matter how beautiful or well written or cutting edge it may be.

Instead, focus on the numbers and what they mean. – John Miller

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In this post at Blogging Tips, read all about getting a larger audience through guest posting. Learn how to write, publish, and share popular guest posts to promote your blogging success. This way you’ll be able to explore things and actually achieve results with your guest posts and not just stop in writing and submitting them to blogs.

Blogging involves a heavy side of writing. You’ll blog through words and provide pictures to even make your point clear. But, should we follow specific “writing rules” in order to be a successful blogger? In this post at Problogger, read about how and when to follow the rules to get better result than what is expected.

"Rules can anchor us but also constrain us. Render us hesitant and insecure. Throw off your literary shackles, friends, and write free." - Daryl Rothman

Being a blogger might sound as easy as it sounds, but once you get to dig in deeper with all the things you have to do to make a successful blogging career, you’ll realize how complicated it becomes. From design, content creation, SEO, servers to security, and so much more, one should know it all! In this post at Blog Tyrant, you’ll find 101 blogging tips to guide you when you’re having one of those days where you’re just not sure what to do next.

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daryl-rothmanRules can anchor us but also constrain us. Render us hesitant and insecure. Throw off your literary shackles, friends, and write free. You’re gonna edit anyway. And shoot, if you’re worried about floridity, you can always run things through that Hemingway app they came up with a few years ago (and which Hemingway himself, they said, wouldn’t always rate highly on). Rules be damned, at least for your first drafts. As Pinker writes, many of them are rooted not in sound logic but superstition anyway. Write with confidence, take some chances. Write what’s right, and no one knows that better than you. – Daryl Rothman

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Freelance Writing

If you always have that passion for freelance writing, I think it must be the time to try your hand on the job and see if it fits you. In this post by Inquisitr, read about the reasons you should be a paid writer. Take that passion to the next level and also learn some great sources when you finally decided to take on the amazing job!

In this post at Aliventures, Ali Luke share guides she wished she has when she was just getting interested in freelance writing. She wrote about the step by step walk-through of the freelance journey you’ll be experiencing, as well as the tips and resources along the way. You’ll also find her “further reading” section to be more informative that makes this post much more necessary for freelance writers to read.

It is a great sacrifice especially when it comes to financial security to ditch your 9-5 job to make a living as a freelance writer. It might be somehow fulfilling, but what comes next? What if you’re not sure if you’re doing the whole thing right since you haven’t landed on any decent gigs? In this post at Elna Cain, read about how to find your profitable freelance writing niche and make it a success.

Starting a freelance writing career and having regular writing gigs might still not be enough to cover your expenses. If you’re looking for a good read about how to earn more than what you have now, consider this post at Horkey Handbook. Learn about the step by step ways to help you increase your rate and actually deserve it.

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ali-lukeHopefully, you’re enjoying freelancing, and making some money (even if it’s not much yet). Writing brings you alive. It’s what you were meant to do. Not all freelancers want to quit their day job; some enjoy the job and enjoy freelancing on the side. But many decide that they want to take the plunge and launch themselves as full-time freelancers. It’s an adventure – a great one. But with any big adventure, it pays to be prepared. – Ali Luke 

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