How to Acquire More Clients Through Guest Posting




What Should I Blog About

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MODULE 2: What is guest posting?


Sites and resources

MODULE 3: How to find sites to submit guest posts

module 3

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Sites and resources:

MODULE 4: Pitching for a guest post

Ridiculously basic guest post pitch template

Hello, [name of editor/site owner]!

My name is [your name] and I’m a [kind of blogger/writer you are]. I have written articles for different publications related to [your niche] such as [name the sites you’ve written for – make sure to include the best and recognizable sites in your topic to make this work. You may choose to include the links for the editor’s reference].

I wish to share my knowledge about [your niche] to your audience.

I would like to pitch an article about [explain the topic that you want to discuss in your guest post. Make sure that the post hasn’t been discussed before in any of the posts there to increase the chances of your post to be accepted. Also, discuss the benefits that your posts will bring to their readers.].

Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

MODULE 5: Writing a (guest) post: a crash course

module 5


Sites and resources

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer (create the best headline for your article by referring to different factors)
  • Hemingway Editor (suggests ways on how you can make your article simpler and easier to read)
  • Click to Tweet (create tweetable quotes in your article to increase Twitter shares)
  • Writally (generate recipes for your blog post so you can focus on its content and not worry about its structure)
  • Canva (design stunning visual content for your blog post without any design experience)

MODULE 6: Sending the post/getting it published

Rest! You deserve it 🙂

Rest like a cat

MODULE 7: How to guest post for different industries

module 7

This module shows how you can find sites to send guest posts and pitch your ideas to them.

Refer to the resources found in modules three and four as the process is the same 🙂

MODULE 8: Leveraging the published posts for better jobs


Resources and sites

  • AmplifyBlog (one of the many sites where you can submit your blog post in its appropriate category to increase your traffic)
  • LinkedIn (repurpose your content here as an article to extend your reach)
  • Problogger Jobs (a job site for freelance writers. Use your guest posts when applying for jobs on this site.).
  • WP RSS Aggregator (WordPress plugin to help you aggregate all your guest posts in one place)

MODULE 9: Integrating guest posting in your sales funnel

module 9


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