I Have Rebranded!


A bigger and better blog about marketing in the horizon…

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Why am I rebranding?

Over the years as a freelancer, I specialized in writing about digital marketing. And throughout the times I’ve written about SEO, email marketing, social media, and others, I’ve developed a sincere passion for the industry.

During my spare time, I research more about the topics to deepen my knowledge in digital marketing. My interest in the subject has led me to own different sites and developing them based on the research I conducted while writing for various clients.

As a result, I have decided to revamp my site by branching out to other marketing disciplines outside from writing. I will be retiring the good old pencil logo that has served me well throughout the years.

To survive in this cutthroat market, you need to adapt to the changes. By broadening my horizons as a digital marketer, I can put more knowledge to better use by providing better services to online businesses looking not only for web content but also for different online marketing services as well.

I am rebranding! - Christopher Jan Benitez

State of the site

My site is set up to receive queries from people who are interested in my freelance writing services. I write blog posts from time to time in my effort to help freelancers like me learn how to attract more clients and earn a living as a writer.

However, due to the rebranding, I will be focusing all my efforts on turning the site into a blog. 

I will strive to provide readers with the best content possible to help improve their marketing strategies so they can effectively promote their business to the right people and increase their sales!

On that note, I would like you to be the first to receive a copy of the tools I use to build an effective marketing campaign by signing up below.

Do I still offer writing services?

gosmrk - Christopher Jan Benitez

Yes! You can still place orders through my freelance writing services page. However, all orders will be funneled down to GoSmrk, a boutique digital agency I’m building with a couple of talented people in the local online marketing space.

The goal of GoSmrk is to help achieve your online business goals using the best growth hacking practices. For content writing, we offer blog management and so blogger outreach you can simply hand us the reins to your content creation process while you focus on other important matters of your business.

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Other Projects

Aside from GoSmrk, below are other sites that I’m currently working on.

Freelance Writing 2 Success

The site is primarily geared towards freelancers who want to make a living as a writer. FW2S will also offer an e-course on how to build a website that you can use to attract clients so you won’t have to use Upwork and take 100% of your earnings.

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Authority Writing

In partnership with entrepreneur Mohit Tater, we at Authority Writing specializes in helping online businesses attract their audience to increase their sales. This is done through the creation of actionable content published on authoritative sites.

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Want to check out my blog now?

New posts will be published soon once the rebranding has been successful. In the meantime, you can browse through the posts I have written about content marketing and blogging.

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