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About My Web Design Services

I am a freelance writer by profession. However, I offer my simple yet effective web design services to a select number of people. I do not offer this service to the public, so if you get are able to view this page, chances are that a friend of mine referred you to me. In any case, please browse the content below.

If you like to learn more about my services, fill out the form below by scrolling down at the bottom of the page or clicking here.

What to look for in a web design for your site?

In a very competitive online world, you need to position your site or blog in a place where it stands head and shoulders above the rest.

By simply following the best design practices and using the best tools in building your site to great effect, I can help you achieve your online goals and help your brand become recognized by your audience!


What my service includes

What it DOESN’T include

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your website design services go?

A: Once we strike a deal, I will request 50% of the total payment to my bank account before I start designing your site/blog.

Site/blog will be set to private until you release the full amount. In the meantime, I will set up a “Coming Soon” page to inform visitors that the site/blog will be launched soon once the design is complete. To view the site while it is being developed, you must log in using your user details that I will send to you.

In the meantime, client username will be set to “Author” privileges, so s/he can log in to the site and view the design.

The design process will take 5-7 days depending on complexity. Throughout that period, you can log in and see the design as it currently appears. You can suggest changes so we can come up with the best design for your site/blog.

Once paid, I will set the site/blog will go public and your username will be set to “Admin” privileges.

Q: What if I have no idea for the design of my site/blog?

A: I can help you brainstorm ideas by sending over designs of blogs and designs that could be similar to what you want to accomplish with yours.

Q: Why aren’t logo and graphic designs not included?

A: I am not a designer. However, if you want help to develop a logo for your brand or business, I can connect you with someone who can be of service to you. Or I can collaborate with them, and I will just ask you to pay extra in addition to the total bill. The extra payment will depend on the specs of your logo or graphic design.

Q: You mentioned you’re a writer? Can you help me develop content for your website?

A: Yes! Please fill out the form below so we can discuss your custom order.

Q: Do you not include legalese, social media, and Google Analytics in your web design services?

A: Both are not part of the basic package I offer. However, if you are truly interested in them, we can create a custom order package for you so I can better accommodate your needs.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I normally accept PayPal, but I also accommodate local bank transfer. Once we come up with an agreement for your order, I can send the bank details where you can deposit the amount.

Q: Once the design has been complete and I have encountered problems with my site, can I still contact you?

A: Yes. However, I cannot promise 24/7 support. What I will do as get back to you as soon as possible to assist you in the process.

Q: Anything else I need to know?

A: Yes. Once you or I register for your domain name, the name will expire after a year. Therefore, before it reaches 365 days, you need to buy the domain back again to keep it again for a year. You need to continue doing this with me every year.

Q: What domain and hosting service are you using.

A: I will buy your domain at NameCheap. For hosting, I already have a NameCheap Shared Hosting subscription where I will host your WordPress site.

Q: What other tools are you using?

A: Aside from using WordPress to host your content, I will design your site using Beaver Builder. Also, plugins that I will install on your site are WordFence, Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, EWWW Image Optimizer, and a anti-spam plugin.

Q: I don’t like WordPress. Can I choose a different platform to build my blog/site on?

Unfortunately, this is no possible.

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